Saturday, September 11, 2010

Thought for THIS 9/11

The attached is from a 26 year old who's father is a veteran. On this special anniversary I invite you to read it... and weep. I know I did.

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My dad spent 26 years in the Armed Services as part of Strategic Air Command. He's become a bit of a poet in his golden years. Today he sent me this:

In Arlington we lay to rest
our bravest and our very best.
We send our children off to war
defending what we soon ignore.

“You’re free to worship,” so we say.
“But if you’re muslim, go away.”
Is this what they were dying for:
Intolerance, and nothing more?

Must one be christian to obtain
the liberties that we proclaim?
These soldiers died for liberty.
They didn’t die for bigotry.

So look upon this hallowed field,
not only crosses are revealed.
For you’ll see stars and crescents too.
They also sacrificed for you.

In Arlington we lay to rest
our bravest and our very best.
They knew what they were dying for.
It’s something that we can’t ignore.

Joe G

EDIT: I've always been proud of my old man.

EDIT #2: Wow, I wake up this morning to see this on the front page! I'm humbled, as I'm sure my father is.

Nothing would honor my father and the service his veteran brothers and sisters more than to share this poem with whomever you wish. All I ask is that you at least provide the same level of attribution that I did.

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