Thursday, March 27, 2014

Casarez Bribes Voters with Christmas CA$H

Mayor A. Hector Casarez spent more than $5,000 in CASH to buy Walmart gift cards as Christmas gifts for "under privileged" potential voters and residents in 2013. In past years, toys and gifts were donated to provide Christmas gifts for needy children in Wilmer - with at least some verification of real need by a volunteer committee. This past Christmas, Mayor Casarez took complete control over the process, solicited contributions, and decided who would get Christmas Ca$h - or donated presents.

UPDATE: One Year Council Seat Candidate Disrie Lewis thanked the Mayor publicly for her daughter "winning" the only contributed toy (nice bicycle) during the Christmas Tree Lighting event last December. It seems Candidate Lewis ALSO received at least TWO gift cards for which she signed. One entry where she signed listed her own name, address and two children, while the other gift card had been assigned to someone else with 3 children, yet Ms. Lewis signed as receiving this additional gift card as well. Three additional gift cards had been signed for on Mayor Casarez' list as "Received" with no signature and all three were in identical handwriting. In at least one instance, the individual receiving Christmas Ca$h is known to have significant financial resources and in the past would never have qualified for assistance during the normal vetting process - again this individual is well acquainted with the Mayor.

For years, Wilmer has had volunteer members of the community and the police or fire departments as well as city council members collecting toy (and sometimes food) donations for needy children in our community. The former process had folks sign up to request Christmas assistance (toys) for their kids, the "applicants" were "vetted" by the volunteers to assure that there appeared to be a real financial need, and the donated gifts were distributed from the community center by volunteers.

Christmas 2013 was a completely different story: Mayor Casarez solicited CASH "donations" from the major developers around town to fund the Christmas gift program asking for their "support". One long time developer contributed toys as had been the custom for years, which apparently were distributed at the City Christmas Tree Lighting event in mid-December.

Casarez also took over the list of folks requesting assistance, removing the only copy from City Hall and proceeded to make personal distributions to recipients at their private residences, rather than through the community center. The only "vetting" that was performed was to allegedly check the list of recipients to ensure they had not also signed up for free gifts through the Lancaster Outreach Center. Apparently, no one other than Casarez had any involvement in the Christmas Cash Card distribution.

In prior years, members of the police department assisted with the program, checking out potential recipients, and all the gifts were picked up by parents at the community center - not distributed by a single individual to private residences.

WilmerCitizen obtained access to copies of the actual receipts from the purchase of Walmart gift cards. WilmerCitizen has now obtained the signature list of persons requesting assistance as well. Generally, each person requesting Christmas assistance provided a photo id and a copy of their utility bill. However, in about one third of the entries have either no id or no utility bill. As the Mayor touts himself as having "an accounting background", one can only assume that the lack of uniform standards and shoddy record keeping is intentional.

Cash register receipts show gift card purchases totaling $5250 spent on fifty-six (56) gift cards ranging from $25 to $252.50. Here's the actual breakdown by amount:

CA$H      # Cards
---------       -------
$ 30.00        1
$ 32.50        1
$ 37.50        1
$ 40.00        1
$ 65.00        14
$ 90.00        1
$ 97.50        9
$115.00        3
$122.50        4
$130.00        4
$155.00        2
$162.50        1
$180.00        1
$212.50        1
$220.00        1
$227.50        2
$252.50        1
---------       ---------
$5250.00      56     TOTALS

Unfortunately, the list of requestors has only 47 names and absolutely no indication of how much gift card cash was distributed to whom - and it seems no list was kept of the distribution amounts to specific parties. There seems to be no criteria as to why there are such widely varying and unusual amounts distributed - especially those exceeding $100. The last entry on the list includes an individual's name, a note of $50.00 and no other supporting documentation. [ED NOTE: this person must have received two $25 gift cards as none were issued for $50]

Christmas toys for needy kids is one thing - undocumented Christmas Ca$h in these amounts appears to be a blatant attempt to buy goodwill in the community and votes at the polls. Our investigation will continue to verify signatures and receipt of Christmas Ca$h.

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Mayor's Vigilante Group "Wilmer Warriors" Criminal Tresspass Vandalism Property Damage

In a blatant attempt to garner votes with the residents of South Dallas Avenue, Mayor Casarez misused the color of his office to lead a vigilante group calling themselves the "Wilmer Warriors" down the path of criminal conduct on Saturday, March 1. Citing good intentions to clean up Wilmer, the group ignored "Private Property" signs and invaded the property at 218 S. Dallas Avenue with lawnmowers and chainsaws resulting in damage to the water line, an emergency call to Wilmer Water Department to shut off the water at the address, and a police report alleging criminal trespass, vandalism and property damage.

Only hours after declaring his unlawful candidacy for office, Mayor A. Hector Casarez took matters into his own hands to garner votes on South Dallas Avenue. Neighbors have complained about the property on South Dallas Avenue for some time - HOWEVER, the City has taken NO administrative action, issued NO notices or citations, NEVER contacted the owner or otherwise acknowledged that ANY actions were required to remedy the complaints.

Saturday morning March 1, Mayor Hector Casarez, Councilman Candy Madrigal and spouse led a group of concerned citizens calling themselves the "Wilmer Warriors" in a vigilante "clean-up" of the property. Other concerned citizens notified the property owner about the trespass, and the Wilmer Police Department was contacted by the owner regarding trespass and vandalism on the property. The Wilmer Water Department was called to shut off the water after the "Wilmer Warriors" somehow managed to break the private water line during their landscape "clean up".

The costs for these criminal acts are NOT the responsibility of the City and had BETTER NOT LAND ON THE CITIZENS AND TAXPAYERS OF WILMER! The Mayor could further misuse the color of his office to order the Water Department to fix the property owner's leak at taxpayer expense, thus compounding his legal problems. When the Mayor dispatched a City truck to the scene to cut the water off after damaging the private water line during the Criminal Trespass, a number of violations of the Penal Code Section 39 Abuse of Office may have occurred - including felony level Abuse of Official Capacity for dispatching city resources to shut off the water. The City has no liability to remedy any unlawful actions by office holders - IN FACT, any immunity enjoyed by public officials is waived when criminal acts are committed - especially under the color of their office.

Criminal trespass in this instance is likely a Class B misdemeanor, and under Texas law, conviction carries few consequences for office holders - unless the governing body should act to remove the Mayor and Ms. Madrigal. Hopefully, restitution for damages will be assessed against the vigilante group to compensate the property owner for expense to fix the broken water line.

UPDATE - Wilmercitizen has received information that Mayor Casarez may have attempted to commit two penal code violations, Section 36.05 Tampering With a Witness (State Jail Felony) and Section 36.06 Obstruction or Retaliation (3rd Degree Felony). During the incident, Casarez confronted eye witnesses and demanded that their recording devices be turned over to him. Video take of these offenses will be published when made available by these witnesses. At this point, any City action taken against the property owner following his criminal complaint might be considered "RETALIATION" since up until the point of reporting the crime, no action had been taken officially by the City.

Citizens may remember the 2012 Election Campaign incident involving Casarez and Madrigal in a similar unlawful use of public funds and trespass to "fix" a long standing draining project behind properties on Dewberry Street. Madrigal's landscape company was engaged to perform the work in violation of state nepotism law, without any discussion by the city council, approval of the contract or public disclosure. When work was stopped due to the crew trespassing on private property behind Dewberry Street, the citizens were still presented with a bill for several thousand dollars from Madrigal's landscape company which was approved for payment. Madrigal may have committed felony theft or misappropriation when she accepted the money for work which was not performed and returned nothing to the citizens. Felony complaints were filed at the time and the statute of limitations remain active - but like many complaints against Wilmer politicians over the years, the Wilmer PD never acted on or investigated the complaints.


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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ineligible for Office - Mayor Casarez Seeks Reelection

Mayor A. Hector Casarez decided to violate his oath of office and run for re-election although clearly in violation of state law. Casarez admitted he left the city and moved to Houston in June 2013. Now he's running for mayor when the law requires that mayor candidates be CONTINUOUSLY RESIDENT IN THE CITY FOR ONE YEAR.

Looks like the old-school has returned and Wilmer is regressing to the Don Hudson era of non-resident mayors, election fraud, vote buying and deception.

Casarez publicly admitted abandoning his position and moving to Houston in two articles in the Ellis County Press back in June 2013. [ED Note: See Ellis County Press "Wilmer Mayor Urged to Step Down" from June 6, 2013. See Ellis County Press "Wilmer Mayor Still Eligible to Hold Office" from June 14, 2013.]

The June 6 article states "Wilmer Mayor Hector Casarez moved to Houston last November after accepting a job" and "Casarez was appointed mayor in September 2011". Casarez left town to work in Houston back in November, 2012 - only 14 months after being appointed mayor.

The June 13 news article opens with a frank admission that the mayor left the jurisdiction, abandoning his elected post: "Though the mayor of Wilmer has accepted a contract job in Houston and has leased an apartment...".

The June 13 news article concludes somehow that Casarez was still eligible to hold office - quoting City Administrator Denny Wheat's "non-legal opinion" as a reference and doesn't refer to any legal citations, case law, or court opinions to back up their conclusion. It should be noted that Denny Wheat willingly admits he has no knowledge of the legal requirements of a "Type A General Law Municipality" and conducts the city's affairs as if Wilmer was a Home Rule City with a Charter and a City Manager - the only environment he has ever experienced in his bureaucratic career.

[ED Note: The Texas Local Government Code and numerous Attorney general's opinions disagree with Wheat's assertion and the article's conclusion that Casarez was still eligible to hold office after leaving the jurisdiction and abandoning his position. However, since the city council took no formal action to remove him for abandoning his post, he remains in office.]

Even so, the article says NOTHING about Casarez' eligibility to seek re-election, which requires a 12 month continuous residency requirement for mayor candidates under state law.

State law clearly states that a candidate for mayor must continuously reside within the municipality for at least 12 months preceeding election day: Texas Local Government Code Section 22.032 QUALIFICATIONS OF MEMBERS OF GOVERNING BODY (a) To be eligible for the office of mayor of the municipality, a person must be a registered voter and must have resided within the municipal limits for at least the 12 months preceding the election day.

To be fair, the law does provide that if the candidate's residence address is part of the city on election day, residency applies. [ED Note: Last time I checked, Houston Texas wasn't anywhere close to being annexed or made a part of Wilmer.]

Regular daily late night and early morning surveillance of the Casarez house reveals that the Mayor only regularly occupies the house on Dallas Avenue on nights when the City Council has a scheduled or called meeting. During the recently cancelled council meetings due to weather, Casarez was seen at the Dallas Avenue house on those cancelled meeting dates. However, on most days at between 1-5AM the Mayor's vehicle is nowhere to be seen in Wilmer, Texas. Coincidently, the Mayor works just a block from the Hyatt House in Dallas where Southport Developer Bill Wynne "resides" when in Texas - and the Mayor's return from Houston coincides with the time frame when the Southport development dominated the City's business activities for both the City Council and the City Administrator.

Seems that the residents of Wilmer have long memories about SOME things - Adelfia Casarez sucessfully campaigned for office years ago, only to resign after getting her boyfriend a job with the city, according to word on the street.

This reporter campaigned for mayor in 2012 against Casarez, and finds it astounding that Mr. Casarez would subject not only himself, but also HIS MOTHER, to the embarrassment of running for office. For long-time Wilmer residents, past indiscretions are still the talk of the town whenever the Casarez name pops up in conversation.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Water Works? (Part 2 of a continuing series)

Since our Christmas Story, we've encountered 3 Sewage Spills we've contacted TCEQ about and are awaiting their investigative reports. We are STILL waiting for the TCEQ report processing our claims regarding the water outage and lack of boil notices from the December 18 incident. A concerned citizen has pointed out there are various water leaks throughout the city, wasting the taxpayer's and water customer's money - and has put up a SIGN to force the City to address these leaks.

Billy Wickliffe used to say "Anybody can put up a sign, it don't mean anything." But sometimes signs work! The City has been plagued with water problems perpetually and routinely skirts reporting and testing regulations that highlight these problems. For whatever reason, we can't seem to get a clean bill of health on our testing but we're spending double the budget on it. And, those nasty water outages that require boil notices (you know to protect the public health), just don't seem to be staying fixed! Enjoy our photo essay of some of the potential future locations for the sign in the picture above. The BIG BREAK was HERE on December 18, 2013 - does this look "fixed" to you?
Here's what our school children have to pass by every day just a block down from City Hall on Dallas Avenue
Just last year they completely fixed several "Tree Streets" and put in new lines, now it seems some of the leaks are back - this one was reported two years ago.
Adams Street has a leak? Is this the same leak the City told us months ago had magically repaired itself?
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Water Works? Part 1 of 2 (or more)


Wilmer Water customers experienced a complete outage of water service for over 4 hours on Wednesday, December 18, 2013. As of this posting, no boil notices have been served on the affected customers. The City says they'll tell us to boil water only after contamination of our drinking water has been confirmed by test results. The law requires special "precautions", Wilmer only does "post-cautions" - after-the-fact notification you have already been contaminated. ED NOTE: UPDATE Test results came back negative, no public health hazard. Chances are we'll get a clean bill of health based on the lab tests, and this issue will all blow over as just a reactionary incident to a non-existent issue. However, our top-notch water department exercises a lot of discretionary control over the testing sites regardless of what regulations might dictate - especially if no one is watching. Reports of the lines being flushed from the end of the line at Pinto/Pleasant Run at least confirm that some disinfectant procedures were followed. But that's not really the point is it - the law requires boil notices to be given to PREVENT potential health issues from impacting the community until test results provide confirmation/negation of contamination. But WHY is it important? Because when the water returns, backflow can suck out all the water in your sink, toilet, bathtub, dog bowl (if you left the hose in it), etc. Yes, absolutely publishing and hand distributing boil notices - and then the discontinue notices - is time consuming, expends staff hours and interrupts "work flow", it is considered expensive, and it is definitely more work for the city employees and staff. My boss at the FedGov never allowed any "staff savings" to be used in justifying expenditures because staff was paid the same regardless of how much work got done (or not) - staff time was basically considered worthless. [ED NOTE: Never mind that this holiday time of year "work flow" consists of standing around yammering on about Christmas plans, using the city's computers to do your personal shopping, and convincing the city council they don't really need to meet early in January just because many other cities do it so the staff doesn't have to put out too much effort during the holiday weeks. It seems that according to wannabe "city manager" Denny Wheat there's no compelling city council business to conduct with the representative from Southport Logistics absent from the area during the holidays. UPDATE: Wheat claims ignorance on the current leak problems.] Public officials who decide what's in the public interest that is contrary to regulation need an attitude adjustment and a relocation to a different jurisdiction. For copies of the complaint presented to TCEQ and the demand for accountability presented to the Wilmer's Governing Body: Click Here Read more!

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Sunday, Sept. 8 at 8 p.m., Denny's in Wilmer (201 N. Interstate 45) will officially open its doors to the public. The new diner will have a significant impact on the Wilmer community by creating more than 70 new jobs for local residents.
WILMER, Texas (Sept. 8, 2013) – As America’s diner, Denny’s is always open – open 24/7, open to good food and great value, and now Denny’s is open to Wilmer. The new diner will open Sunday, Sept. 8 at 8 p.m. at 201 N. Interstate 45, located just northwest of East Belt Line Road intersection.

The new diner will have a significant impact on the Wilmer community by creating more than 70 new jobs for local residents.

“We are extremely excited to introduce the residents and visitors of Wilmer to Denny’s,” said Denny’s General Manager Donald Druien. “We look forward to becoming a local gathering place where our guests can always count on good service, a great atmosphere and, most importantly, delicious food.”

Denny’s has gained popularity with people all across America not only because of its great food and affordable prices, but because of the diner’s come-as-you-are atmosphere. As a full-service diner, the Wilmer Denny’s will be open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night items in a relaxed, friendly environment.

Denny’s is also known for providing its customers with tremendous value, including these great deals:
  • $2 $4 $6 $8 Value Menu® – Denny’s all day, every day value menu lets guests choose from 16 dishes at affordable prices, including traditional favorites as well as several new a la carte items.

  • Kids Eat Free – Guests can receive up to two free kids meal for children ages 10 and under with the purchase of each adult entrée. The offer is good from 4 to 10 p.m. on Tuesdays only, and menu items and prices may vary.

  • “Fit Fare” – Delicious choices that are good for you, too.  Denny’s “Fit Fare” options feature healthy choices like egg whites and hearty wheat breads that can be substituted into any meal for no extra charge. Using the expansive Build Your Own Grand Slam® menu, diners have more than 250 ways to build a meal with 550 calories or less, and 32 ways to build a meal of 400 calories or less. With plenty of simple substitutions and healthy “Fit Fare” entrees found throughout the lunch and dinner menu, Denny’s makes it easy for you to eat well on the go.

  • Free Birthday Grand Slam®– Celebrate your special day with a free Original Grand Slam® meal at participating Denny’s restaurants. The Original Grand Slam® offer is free for the birthday guy or gal who can show proof that it’s their birthday, and is good for dine-in only.

  • AARP Members Save 20 Percent – Show your AARP membership card at participating Denny’s restaurants and save 20 percent off your total check from 4 to 10 p.m. every day. Also, coffee is just $1 for AARP members and their guests, 24/7.

About Denny's Corp.
Denny's is one of America's largest full-service family restaurant chains, currently operating more than 1,680 franchised, licensed and company-owned restaurants across the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, Honduras, Guam, Puerto Rico and New Zealand. For further information on Denny's, including news releases, please visit the Denny's website at

Connect with Denny’s
For news and updates on Denny’s please visit the brand’s social channels via Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Pinterest or YouTube.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Body Found in Wilmer

Body found near Millers Ferry and Adams Street on Tuesday morning September 4, 2012.

Read the Full Story in the Dallas Morning News CLICK HERE!

Here's our photo blog of the incident. Exclusive News Photos

Various City Trucks pressed into service blocking traffic.

Here are the "Crime Scene Photos".  
Photo published in the DallasNews Online.
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Friday, May 4, 2012

Frankly, City Finances are in Sad Shape

The City is short on income by more than a million dollars.
The City is a million and a quarter dollars under budget on expenses.
The vast majority of income has been received for the current fiscal year.....
but there are still 5 more months of expenses.

In a shocking expose based on the current City of Wilmer Profit & Loss statement, mayoral candidate Joe Aldrich blasted the City Council on fiscal irresponsibility and the budget. The City planned to overspend current income by $4,900 according to the published budget figures. Last year's budget doesn't seem to be quite in balance. It doesn't take an accounting background to see a problem here, just take a look.

No "red flags" appear in the report because everything is "under budget", so almost any expenditure the City cares to dream up (like the Dewberry drainage project) can be said to be in the current budget. The problem is the income shortage of over a million dollars and the vast majority of property tax proceeds already received, and little chance of significant additional revenue in the remaining months in the current fiscal year. All the while, expenses continue to accrue regardless of the availability of funds to pay the bills.

The City Council approved a budget with known deficiencies, such as the tremendous over estimation of permit income because Whirlpool's windfall last year wasn't factored out of the proposed budget. At time of adoption, the budget was known to have overstated $135,000 in permit fees alone.

No wonder those special public funds accumulating in the Economic and Community Development Corporation accounts seem so irresistible to the City Council - Wilmer only has a bit over $175,000 in the bank to last over the next 5 months - each of the development corps has a similar amount of money in their accounts currently. Perhaps this is why these development corporation boards can't seem to get enough cooperation from the City to be able to schedule a meeting and the directors can't get access to the financial records.

At the time the budget was being discussed in public hearings, last year's new council was in a huge battle with Jeff Steele. It's beginning to look like they may have approved a budget with the intent of embarrassing Mr. Steele and then forgot to repair the damage once in office - so now eight months into the fiscal year, they've neglected to come to grips with the issues and the responsibility lies solely on the current occupants of the seats in the governing body to repair the problem. After several budget workshops, why have no corrections or changes been made? How much is this going to cost US?

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Public Hearing - Council Plans Not Our Business

After some scathing comments and a extensive community interest discussion, the business of the Public Hearing on next year's Community Development Block Grand program funds was quite revealing. The City Council's plans for the money is none of our (We the People's) business according to Mayor A.H. Casarez. The public hearing about the next year's Community Development Block Grant funds got off to a bit of a slow start because there was no introduction by the council on the scope of funds or any description about what projects could be funded. First the audience in general asked how much money we were talking about: answer $104,000. The next general question about what the funds could be used for was answered by Ms. Birdwell about what past grant funds had been used for. A couple of citizens had some suggestions to fix certain roads or sewer issues, but it was evident there wasn't to be any discussion or dialog between the citizens and the council on the relative merits or potential consideration of the suggestions brought forth. This reporter questioned the City Council: What projects, proposals or plans does the City Council have for these funds, what's already being considered? Mayor Casarez answered that the city council's intentions were "nothing we'd care to discuss at this time". Unbelievable. The taxpaying citizens aren't entitled to know what the elitist city council is already planning to do with our public money. The public hearing was a mockery - the only things the citizens were going to hear was each other's great ideas about the greater good to put these monies to work in our community. Mr. Turner tried to engage the council in some discussion of use of these funds, but was "shut down" by Pena who said the public hearing was for "hearing from the public" - Pena was totally against SHARING anything with the public and would not participate in any discussion. The incredible hubris and contempt for public opinion openly displayed for all the VOTERS to see is an embarrassment to the entire council and most certainly does not help "A.H." Casarez in his bid for the mayor's seat. Read more!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fire Hydrant Repaired on North Goode Road

Evidently the residents and businesses along North Goode Road have had virtually no Fire protection since at least last October, according to Wilmer Water Superintendent Mike McVea, although the document received on April 9 from the City is clearly dated 4/5/2011. Click Here to View the List of Out of Service Fire Hydrants.

A leak on former mayor Don Hudson's property the last week in March prompted an inspection of the water service along both sides of North Goode Road. Only two fire hydrants exist, about half a mile apart - BOTH fire hydrants were covered in black plastic, "out of service". As of Tuesday, April 17, the fire hydrant next to the old "Red Dog Saloon" across from Hudson's property was repaired. The hydrant south of the creek bridge near Cottonwood Valley and Richmond continues to be "out of service".

According to Fire Chief Marcus Smith, he had been informed that a number of fire hydrants were "out of service". Water Superintendent McVea confirmed that he "bagged" the inoperable hydrants when he joined the City last October and forwarded a list of their locations to the Fire Department. Chief Smith also stated that the City Fire Truck carries 1000 feet of hose and the City can assemble up to 3500 feet of hose with outside assistance from other fire fighting companies. We requested and received a copy of the memo detailing the locations of the out of service fire hydrants.

While no definite repair schedule could be determined, Water Superintendent McVea promptly returned our calls to ascertain the details of the "out of service" hydrants the first week in April. He stated that a number of hydrants were out of service in various locations and that at least one was scheduled to be repaired in the next week, although he did not have that location at the time he spoke with this reporter. Upon visiting and inspecting each location on April 15, it appears all of the hydrants have NOW been repaired EXCEPT the one on North Goode Road South of the bridge and one hydrant at Millers Ferry & Patrick Pike that is partially uncovered and could be functional. There are additional fire hydrants at acceptable intervals along Millers Ferry, however, given the proximity to GWG Wood Group, lack of a fully functional fire hydrant in that location presents a health and safety risk issue.

The problem for the residences and businesses along North Goode Road is that the nearest fire hydrants are in Wilmer Heights on Richmond and in Sunridge Business Park on Distribution Drive. Both locations are far in excess of the 1000 feet of firehose available on the City's Firetruck.

With the newly repaired hydrant on North Goode, most residents and existing businesses can now be serviced (except for those three houses immediately adjacent to the creek and along Cottonwood Valley).
Hopefully, the progress on providing fire protection to all Wilmer residents will continue.
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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Jennifer Alexander City Council Candidate

Jennifer Alexander, Candidate for City Council has posted an introductory letter. Click Here to View Letter in a new Tab

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt 2012

Nearly a hundred children turned out to participate in the 2012 Wilmer Easter Egg Hunt in Cottonwood Park. Hundreds of hot dogs were eaten and a general good time was had by all. Check out the photos!

If you would like a CD of all the 2012 Easter Egg Hunt photos taken by this reporter, just send an email to or call 214.244.7689!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Candidate for Mayor Goes Public!

Wilmer Citizen Activist Exclusive: Joe Aldrich, Candidate for Mayor of Wilmer Texas.

VISIT THE WEBSITE AT WWW.VOTE4JOE.US or click the link above

Scroll down for Spanish!

Aldrich for Mayor

What's My Story?
The wife and I moved to Wilmer in 2005 to avoid fast-growing Dallas City property taxes and ever increasing appraisal values. Don Hudson was my neighbor and Mayor at the time and when his land sold for big bucks, I got the tax bite. So I've spent the last six years speaking out in public meetings and blogging news and commentary about the goings-on here in Wilmer at this blog
Ask just about anybody at a City Council meeting who I am and they'll say "He's the guy that always gives them hell."

Why Do I Want This Job?
I DON'T Want the Job - it's a Job that MUST be DONE!

The uncontrolled spending and inadequate money controls from The City has to be restrained - the reigns at City Hall need to be taken up and put SERVICE back in the minds of the Public Servants.

In my experience, Wilmer is like any other "corporate turnaround" situation that will make or break itself in 90-120 days - maybe 6 months with deep pockets. I've already put in my time working in public service and I don't need another full time job.

MY goal is to get myself out of the direct management of the day-to-day affairs of the City within 6 months and leave that to a competent professional - knowing that proper controls and processes were in place, the deficiencies were identified and remedies were in progress BEFORE the job of managing the daily operations of the City is decided by the CIty Council OR the voters! Once the City is back in the business of serving the people and the needs of the community, the Mayor's job is pretty much hands off, definitely part-time, but completely in the loop about everything that goes on.

For many folks, trying to work with the City is like having to reset and rewind your alarm clock every day before you can use it to wake you up - at least on those days you don't have to completely rebuild it! Our City government should run like Clockwork, be reliable and consistent, do it's function day-in-and-day-out without complaint. And Let Us Know When It's Time to WAKE UP!

How Can You Get That Done? Experience in Government - A Decade of Government Management
Wide Industry Expertise - Banking Finance Aerospace Energy Architecture Engineering Technology
Excellence - 2000 Excellence in Innovation Award for USDOT Website Project (Oracle)

Over Three Decades Building "Faster Smaller Cheaper Better":
* Organizations * Processes * Services * Systems * Products

What's Your Plan? Strategic Planning, Measuring Quality Efficiency & Performance were big parts of my career.
I wouldn't say there is just one "plan" but a set of "guiding principles":
* Respect the People
* Serve the People's Interests
* Follow all Laws.

The overriding principles are "Work Smarter Not Harder" and "Do More with Less:
Cheaper, Faster, Smaller, Better
- that's the way government should run.

My Plan is to actually have a program of plans, not just say I have a plan.

My Plan is to get the word out, so the public understands the City's plans and the council understands the public!

My Plan is to Plan the Work, Work the Plan, Measure-Adapt-Revise & Move Forward with the public's support, because without that support we'll have to answer to the voters a lot more often.

What Do You Mean By "a Vote for JOE is a Vote for US"?

It's like this: US is who YOU make it - just like THEM.
One way or another we are all in this together as residents, business owners and taxpayers - from the air & water quality to the deterioration of roads and civil services - it's our daily lives that feel the impact of the City's direction and decisions. With the expansion of existing facilities like FR/CAL and Sunridge and the increase to the tax base these expansions will bring, NOW is the time to make certain the value of your homestead is preserved. I think it's time the tax money got used to help the people of the community instead of the city employees with their big expensive toys.

If you're with me on any of this we'll both be part of "US" - "US" doesn't exclude anyone!

Why Should I Vote4Joe?
Dave Letterman's TOP TEN LIST says:

10. Aren't you tired of Scarecrow from the Wizard of OZ singing "If I Only Had a Brain" as the City Council theme song?
9. Wouldn't you like to see Joe shut up and DO something for a change?
8. Joe's been watching so long from the outside isn't it about time we let him look inside?
7. Sometime you have to change the TV channels from Hee Haw & American Idol to Perry Mason & CSI.
6. Instead of trying to drag the City Council into the 20th century - it's time to Push it into the 21st!
5. We'll save money and people just by letting him handle his own open records requests!
4. THREE of FIVE Statutory Powers of Mayor relate to following the laws, bringing violators to justice and arresting law breakers that commit crimes.
3. You should support the candidates you think will do the best job for the taxpayers & citizens because We All benefit from Better Government.
2. One thing is Certain: IT WILL be interesting!
1. Just this once: let the smart guy do it!

Aldrich for Mayor No Cost Political Advertising Paid for by Joe Aldrich.
Joe Aldrich para el alcalde 

¿Cuál es mi historia?
La esposa y yo nos mudamos a Wilmer en 2005 para evitar el rápido crecimiento de Dallas impuestos a la propiedad de la ciudad y crecientes valores de tasación. Don Hudson era mi vecino y el alcalde en ese momento y cuando su terreno vendido por mucho dinero, tengo la porción de los impuestos. Así que me he pasado los últimos seis años, hablar en reuniones públicas y las noticias de blogs y comentarios sobre los tejemanejes de aquí en Wilmer en este blog.
Pregunte a casi todo el mundo en una reunión el Ayuntamiento de lo que soy y que voy a decir "Es el tipo que siempre se les da el infierno."

¿Por qué quiero este trabajo?

Yo NO QUIERO que el trabajo - es un trabajo que se debe hacer!

El gasto incontrolado y la insuficiencia de los controles dinero de la ciudad tiene que ser sujetado - las riendas en el Ayuntamiento hay que tener y poner el servicio de nuevo en las mentes de los Servidores Públicos.

En mi experiencia, Wilmer es como cualquier otro "giro corporativo" situación que va a hacer o deshacer a sí mismo en 90-120 días - tal vez 6 meses con bolsillos profundos. Ya he puesto en mi tiempo de trabajo en el servicio público y no necesito otro trabajo a tiempo completo.

Mi meta es para mí salir de la gestión directa de los asuntos del día a día de la ciudad dentro de 6 meses y dejo a un profesional competente - a sabiendas de que los controles adecuados y los procesos se encontraban en el lugar, las deficiencias que se identificaron y fueron los remedios en curso antes de la tarea de gestionar las operaciones diarias de la ciudad se decide por el Ayuntamiento o los votantes! Una vez que la ciudad está de vuelta en el negocio de servir al pueblo y las necesidades de la comunidad, el trabajo del alcalde es bastante mucho fuera de las manos, sin duda a tiempo parcial, pero completamente en el circuito de todo lo que pasa.

Para muchas personas, tratando de trabajar con la ciudad es como tener que reiniciar y rebobinar el reloj de alarma todos los días antes de que se puede utilizar para despertar - al menos en esos días en los que no tienen que reconstruir por completo! El gobierno de la ciudad debe correr como mecánica, es confiable y consistente, lo que la función de día-en-y-el día sin queja. Y háganos saber cuando es tiempo de ¡DESPIERTA!

¿Cómo puede usted hacer eso?

La experiencia en el gobierno - una década de gestión del Gobierno
Amplia Experiencia en el sector - Finanzas Banca Aeroespacial Energía Arquitectura de Tecnología de Ingeniería
Excelencia - 2000 Premio de Excelencia en Innovación para el proyecto web del USDOT

Más de tres décadas construyendo "Más rápido más pequeño más barato mejor":
* Las Organizaciones * Procesos * Servicios * Sistemas * Productos

¿Cuál es tu plan?

Planificación Estratégica, Medición de la eficacia de Calidad y rendimiento eran grandes partes de mi carrera.
Yo no diría que sólo hay un "plan" sino un conjunto de "principios rectores":
* Respetar a las personas
* Servir los intereses del pueblo
* Siga todas las leyes.

Los principios fundamentales son "trabajo mejor, no más" y "hacer más con menos:
Más barato, más rápido, más pequeño, mejor - así es como debe funcionar el gobierno.

Mi plan es tener en realidad un programa de planes, no sólo decir que tengo un plan.

Mi plan es correr la voz, por lo que el público entienda los planes de la Ciudad y el consejo entiende que el público!

Mi Plan es planificar el trabajo, el Plan de Trabajo, Medida-Adapt-Revisar y avanzar con el apoyo del público, porque sin ese apoyo vamos a tener que responder ante los votantes mucho más a menudo.

¿Qué entiende usted por "Un voto por JOE es un voto para US"?

Es como esto: US es que usted lo hace - al igual que ellos.
De una forma u otra todos estamos juntos en esto como residentes, dueños de negocios y de los contribuyentes - de la calidad del aire y el agua para el deterioro de las carreteras y servicios públicos - que es nuestra vida cotidiana que se sienten el impacto de la dirección de la Ciudad y las decisiones. Con la ampliación de las instalaciones existentes, como FR / CAL y Sunridge y el aumento de la base imponible estas expansiones traerá, AHORA es el momento para asegurarse de que el valor de su vivienda se conserva. Creo que es momento en que el dinero de los impuestos se acostumbró a ayudar a la gente de la comunidad en lugar de los empleados de la ciudad con sus grandes juguetes caros.

¿Por qué debo Vote4Joe?

TOP TEN de Dave Letterman LISTA dice:
10. ¿No estás cansado de los espantapájaros del Mago de OZ cantando "Si sólo tuviera un cerebro" como el tema del Ayuntamiento?
9. ¿No te gustaría ver a Joe callarse y hacer algo por un cambio?
8. Joe ha estado viendo durante tanto tiempo desde el exterior no es hora de que le permitió observar el interior?
7. En algún momento tienes que cambiar los canales de televisión del ídolo Hee Haw y estadounidense Perry Mason y CSI.
6. En lugar de tratar de arrastrar el Consejo de la Ciudad en el siglo 20 - es el momento de empujar en el 21!
5. Vamos a ahorrar dinero y la gente simplemente dejándole manejar sus propios pedidos abiertos los registros!
4. Tres de los cinco poderes estatutarios del alcalde se refieren al seguimiento de las leyes, con lo que los infractores a la justicia y detener a infractores de la ley que cometen delitos.
3. Usted debe apoyar a los candidatos crees que va a hacer el mejor trabajo para los contribuyentes y los ciudadanos, porque todos nos beneficiamos de un mejor gobierno.
2. Una cosa es cierta: Será interesante!
1. Sólo por esta vez: que el hombre inteligente hacerlo!

Aldrich a la Alcaldía n º Publicidad costo político Pagado por Joe Aldrich.

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wilmer Elections 2012

The applications are in, the candidates chosen and the ballot places established. FIVE citizens vie for TWO seats on the city council.
Two citizens go toe-to-toe & head-to-head for the hot seat Mayor's job.

The Candidates are in order on the ballots:

1 Robert Turner (incumbent)
2 Jennifer Alexander
3 Vicky Vandygriff (incumbent)
4 Phyllis Slough
5 Dean Rolison

1 "A.H." Hector Casarez (incumbent)
2 Joe Aldrich

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