Saturday, July 2, 2016


Seems only insurance companies, lawyers & the government require faxes for "instant" communication any more, but what a racket!! It's probably going to cost you more than $1 per page for local or toll-free faxing - unless you use Infinity Copy Center in Lancaster!
Here's a plug for Infinity Copy Center at 1301 N.Dallas Avenue in Lancaster (corner of Pleasant Run) 972-218-7188 or email Hours are 8:30AM-6:00PM Monday-Friday and 9:00AM-2:00PM Saturday - and I dare you to find that information anywhere else on the internet than this blog! Infinity charges a no B.S. price of 75 cents/page, while the others charge $1 to $1.59 per page with the first page costing more than the rest. SO THEY HAVE GREAT PRICES compared to UPS Store, FedEx/Kinkos, Staples or Office Depot/Office Max.

With the internet & "free" online fax services you'd think the days of fax machines were long past... but NOooo! Internet free faxing is extremely limited to usually fewer than 5 pages and perhaps only one fax a day. When I have a small fax, I'll scan my document and make a PDF file - and send it using for free. If my fax is longer than 5 pages, FaxZero handles it for just $1.99 via PayPal - UNLESS - your scanned document(s) total more than 20MB, then you'll find out it's too big after half hour of waiting for it to upload. Be sure to set your scanning/PDF creation software to no more than 150 dpi resolution, don't index the PDF file or make it "searchable" - in short you have to really take care to generate the smallest file possible.

I just spent over 3 hours trying to load a 19 page fax to several online fax services without success. Unfortunately, those 19 pages comprised a whopping 87MB upload. Thankfully, Infinity Copy Center was open for business on this holiday weekend.
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Thursday, June 30, 2016

No More .INFO

WILMERCITIZEN.INFO is no longer active. However, all of our content is still available on this blog! If you'd like to see more news and information about Wilmer, Texas - SEND ME A STORY!!! Read more!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Benefit for America's Veterans Easter Weekend!

There will be a benefit for America's Veterans on Saturday, March 36, 2016 from 7PM to 11PM.
$10 cover - finger food, cash bar, DJ is MX1 & Live Music featuring Wilmer's own La tercia de Wilmer!
Come out and support America's Veterans!
Click "Read More" below for address, map, directions and photo.

AMVETS POST #22 is located at 3900 W. Davis St., Dallas, TX 75211. Phone (214) 337-9166.<
CLICK HERE! for Google maps & street view driving directions.
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Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Wilmer Citizen has a new look. Please enjoy the new look - or make comments if you'd like to see something else! Wilmer Citizen has a new look - please enjoy! Want to see something different? Just send us your comments! Read more!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


In the spirit of open government and enhanced communication, we are publishing the city provided cell phones for your Wilmer City Government. Please note, if you need to talk to someone at City Hall instead of the automated voice mail system, dial 972-441-6373.

Here are the Phone contacts for your elected Wilmer Leaders:
Mayor Casey Burgess 214-406-5726
**Mayor Pro Tem/Alderman Hector Pena 214-406-5893
**Alderman B.J. Wickliffe 469-520-6373
Alderman Sergio Campos 469-520-6374
Alderman Candy Madrigal 469-520-6376
Alderman Phyllis Slough 469-520-6375
** NOTE: These numbers will be reassigned to Aldermen-Elect Sheila Petta and John Eggen.

Here are the Phone Contacts for City Staff:
City Administrator 214-406-7071
City Secretary 214-406-4358

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Thursday, March 19, 2015


D Magazine published an article about DISD's Plan to re-open a number of schools, including a new school in Wilmer.
To read the article, Click Here!

Click Here to read the D Magazine article describing DISD's plan to reopen schools, including a new school in Wilmer.

Thanks to Mayor Casey Burgess for bringing this article to Wilmer Citizen's attention via Linkedin!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014


You can subscribe to city announcements and other information now via twitter! Looks like we're heading into the 21st Century here @CityofWilmer!

Send your tweets @CityofWilmer

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Friday, May 23, 2014


See the WFAA Channel 8 News Coverage of Casarez' Arrest - Click Here!

At 8am Friday May 23, this reporter witnessed former mayor A.H. Casarez being arrested for Class B misdemeanor theft by Wilmer Police Department at the Family Dollar Store after a short pursuit through town. The warrant for Casarez' arrest had been active since May 15, but he had not turned himself into Dallas County for booking, leading to his arrest on the outstanding warrant.

Casarez was released from the Wilmer PD shortly after 3PM Friday, May 23 after his attorney posted bond with Dallas County

WilmerCitizen's observers had noticed Casarez' vehicle parked at his mothers home at 411 N. Dallas Avenue just prior to 7am. The Wilmer PD was informed by phone at 6:58am that the fugitive was at his home. At 7:15am a WPD officer rolled by to inform the observer that Casarez couldn't be arrested at the present time, as the jail in Wilmer was completely full and there were no other officers on duty to take the prisoner to the county jail for booking until 8am when other officers started their shift. At 7:23am a call was placed to Dallas County Sheriff's Office Patrol Division regarding the location of the fugitive Casarez. The caller was told the matter would be referred to the county warrants division.

At 7:55am Casarez drove from his home with this reporter and Wilmer PD in pursuit, which proceeded down Dallas Avenue to First Street, then College south to Belt Line. Wilmer PD pulled Casarez over just short of the Family Dollar Store, where Casarez pulled into the parking lot. Within seconds Chief Kemp arrived and Casarez was allowed to drive his vehicle to the city parking lot with Chief Kemp escorting him while the other officer responded to a 911 disturbance call.

At 9:04am it was confirmed that Casarez was in custody at the Wilmer Police Station. By noon the fugitive Casarez had yet to be transported to county jail for booking and arraignment and remains in the Wilmer City Jail.

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Casarez and Madrigal - Wilmer New Crime Family

Mayor A.H. Casarez expressed his frustration at losing the mayoral race, Saturday, May 10, by stealing a large 4'x4' full color "MAYOR HOUSTON" campaign sign across from the Police Station. Class B misdemeanor charges have been filed with the Wilmer PD. An arrest warrant has been issued by Dallas County Sheriff's Department. Grand Jury indictments are still pending regarding the criminal trespass of Casarez, Madrigal, Lewis, et. al. at a property on South Dallas Avenue on the first day of the campaign back on March 1.

Alderman Hector Pena observed soon-to-be-former-mayor A.H. Casarez remove an opposition campaign sign across from the police station and put it in his vehicle. Mr. Pena pursued the Casarez vehicle after notifying the Wilmer Police Department of the theft. The owner of the sign was contacted and verified that a complaint would be filed to pursue charges against mayor Hector Casarez.

There were at least three other citizens and one police officer who witnessed the events leading up to and following the theft of the sign.

Wilmer Citizen's investigation continues into the various members of the Casarez "Family's" activities:

* Solicitation of "donations" from parties having matters pending before the council or city commissions.

-----> Mayor and City Administrator conspired to solicit monies from corporations and individuals with items appearing on the city's agenda pending consideration or action. Numerous administrative irregularities and unlawful short cuts have been discovered in the handling of several matters pending before the city administration involving these "donors" and various members of the city staff.

* Money laundering by depositing those solicited donations in the city's general funds into expense accounts as credits and later disbursing the funds for un-appropriated, un-authorized, un-approved and un-documented expenditures.

-----> Numerous statutory and penal code violations were committed when these monies were disbursed from the general funds without proper warrants, authorizations, and orders from the council directing the disposition of these funds. Most of the city staff is complicit in the unlawful use of public funds without proper authorization or adequate record keeping in furtherance of the mayor's unlawful practices (racketeering).

* Misconduct & Abuse of Office in the misuse of city resources for personal gain to abate leak caused by the mayor's group's criminal trespass on South Dallas Avenue (indictment pending).

-----> Mayor's group destroyed an outside water faucet causing a leak while trespassing on private property. The Mayor made an emergency call on a Saturday to dispatch a city water truck to turn off the water at the property. The mayor's "Personal gain" is in avoiding having to rightly pay a plumber to fix the damage on private property and misusing the taxpayer's money to remediate property damage caused by his criminal acts. Leaks on private property are not the responsibility of the city water department, although it could be argued that the leak may have constituted an emergency allowing the city to intervene, the fact that the leak was caused by a criminal act by a public official would be material in determining whether the use of city services and resources needed to be reimbursed to the city.

* Defrauding the state of Texas, Dallas County, and the City of Wilmer of lawful ad valorem tax revenue by certain council members living in deceased parent's house using dead parent's tax exemptions. Council members are not allowed to sit on the city council while owing money to the city.

----->One council member lives in dead mother's house fraudulently claiming homestead, disability and over-65 tax exemptions on property still titled in mother's married name - AND - the council member intentionally tried to conceal that fact by publishing notices only in deceased mother's maiden name to avoid being discovered by DCAD analysts and having a re-adjusted appraisal and tax bill without those exemptions since September 2012. Another example of defrauding the system for personal gain by our elected public officials.

* Filing false financing statements on campaign finance reports

--> Mayor Casarez, Council member Phyllis Slough, and Candidates Disrie Lewis and Kodiak Dallas Chadwick all filed identical campaign finance reports, written in the same hand, claiming all campaign expenses were paid by the candidates out of pocket with no donations, contributions-in-kind, or other financial assistance or support. This seems highly unlikely as Disrie Lewis is on record as a recipient of the city's public assistance funds for Christmas, thus would be unlikely to have the reported cash on hand for out of pocket expenses in these amounts.

All candidates had co-incidently independently designated Candy Madrigal as their Campaign Treasurer. All signs, pamphlets and business cards for all the candidates state "Paid for by Candy Madrigal, Campaign Treasurer" - yet the reports all say the candidates paid for their own expenses from their own pockets. SO - Were the signs and election materials paid for by Candy and the candidates neglected to report the income from Candy as the source of their finances? If so, did Candy finance the campaign from her own pocket, or did she accept donations from individuals and corporations and "launder" that money for the candidates? OR - Did each candidate give Candy a check or other financial instrument for the expenses on a pro-rata share basis? In the latter case, candidates are going to have to show where those expenses came out of their pockets - or admit they misreported the income from Candy. In either case, Candy Madrigal has some serious explaining to do before the public and the authorities and pony up the cancelled checks and deposit records to show where this money came from and comply with the election code and campaign finance laws.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Casarez Bribes Voters with Christmas CA$H

Mayor A. Hector Casarez spent more than $5,000 in CASH to buy Walmart gift cards as Christmas gifts for "under privileged" potential voters and residents in 2013. In past years, toys and gifts were donated to provide Christmas gifts for needy children in Wilmer - with at least some verification of real need by a volunteer committee. This past Christmas, Mayor Casarez took complete control over the process, solicited contributions, and decided who would get Christmas Ca$h - or donated presents.

UPDATE: One Year Council Seat Candidate Disrie Lewis thanked the Mayor publicly for her daughter "winning" the only contributed toy (nice bicycle) during the Christmas Tree Lighting event last December. It seems Candidate Lewis ALSO received at least TWO gift cards for which she signed. One entry where she signed listed her own name, address and two children, while the other gift card had been assigned to someone else with 3 children, yet Ms. Lewis signed as receiving this additional gift card as well. Three additional gift cards had been signed for on Mayor Casarez' list as "Received" with no signature and all three were in identical handwriting. In at least one instance, the individual receiving Christmas Ca$h is known to have significant financial resources and in the past would never have qualified for assistance during the normal vetting process - again this individual is well acquainted with the Mayor.

For years, Wilmer has had volunteer members of the community and the police or fire departments as well as city council members collecting toy (and sometimes food) donations for needy children in our community. The former process had folks sign up to request Christmas assistance (toys) for their kids, the "applicants" were "vetted" by the volunteers to assure that there appeared to be a real financial need, and the donated gifts were distributed from the community center by volunteers.

Christmas 2013 was a completely different story: Mayor Casarez solicited CASH "donations" from the major developers around town to fund the Christmas gift program asking for their "support". One long time developer contributed toys as had been the custom for years, which apparently were distributed at the City Christmas Tree Lighting event in mid-December.

Casarez also took over the list of folks requesting assistance, removing the only copy from City Hall and proceeded to make personal distributions to recipients at their private residences, rather than through the community center. The only "vetting" that was performed was to allegedly check the list of recipients to ensure they had not also signed up for free gifts through the Lancaster Outreach Center. Apparently, no one other than Casarez had any involvement in the Christmas Cash Card distribution.

In prior years, members of the police department assisted with the program, checking out potential recipients, and all the gifts were picked up by parents at the community center - not distributed by a single individual to private residences.

WilmerCitizen obtained access to copies of the actual receipts from the purchase of Walmart gift cards. WilmerCitizen has now obtained the signature list of persons requesting assistance as well. Generally, each person requesting Christmas assistance provided a photo id and a copy of their utility bill. However, in about one third of the entries have either no id or no utility bill. As the Mayor touts himself as having "an accounting background", one can only assume that the lack of uniform standards and shoddy record keeping is intentional.

Cash register receipts show gift card purchases totaling $5250 spent on fifty-six (56) gift cards ranging from $25 to $252.50. Here's the actual breakdown by amount:

CA$H      # Cards
---------       -------
$ 30.00        1
$ 32.50        1
$ 37.50        1
$ 40.00        1
$ 65.00        14
$ 90.00        1
$ 97.50        9
$115.00        3
$122.50        4
$130.00        4
$155.00        2
$162.50        1
$180.00        1
$212.50        1
$220.00        1
$227.50        2
$252.50        1
---------       ---------
$5250.00      56     TOTALS

Unfortunately, the list of requestors has only 47 names and absolutely no indication of how much gift card cash was distributed to whom - and it seems no list was kept of the distribution amounts to specific parties. There seems to be no criteria as to why there are such widely varying and unusual amounts distributed - especially those exceeding $100. The last entry on the list includes an individual's name, a note of $50.00 and no other supporting documentation. [ED NOTE: this person must have received two $25 gift cards as none were issued for $50]

Christmas toys for needy kids is one thing - undocumented Christmas Ca$h in these amounts appears to be a blatant attempt to buy goodwill in the community and votes at the polls. Our investigation will continue to verify signatures and receipt of Christmas Ca$h.

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Mayor's Vigilante Group "Wilmer Warriors" Criminal Tresspass Vandalism Property Damage

In a blatant attempt to garner votes with the residents of South Dallas Avenue, Mayor Casarez misused the color of his office to lead a vigilante group calling themselves the "Wilmer Warriors" down the path of criminal conduct on Saturday, March 1. Citing good intentions to clean up Wilmer, the group ignored "Private Property" signs and invaded the property at 218 S. Dallas Avenue with lawnmowers and chainsaws resulting in damage to the water line, an emergency call to Wilmer Water Department to shut off the water at the address, and a police report alleging criminal trespass, vandalism and property damage.

Only hours after declaring his unlawful candidacy for office, Mayor A. Hector Casarez took matters into his own hands to garner votes on South Dallas Avenue. Neighbors have complained about the property on South Dallas Avenue for some time - HOWEVER, the City has taken NO administrative action, issued NO notices or citations, NEVER contacted the owner or otherwise acknowledged that ANY actions were required to remedy the complaints.

Saturday morning March 1, Mayor Hector Casarez, Councilman Candy Madrigal and spouse led a group of concerned citizens calling themselves the "Wilmer Warriors" in a vigilante "clean-up" of the property. Other concerned citizens notified the property owner about the trespass, and the Wilmer Police Department was contacted by the owner regarding trespass and vandalism on the property. The Wilmer Water Department was called to shut off the water after the "Wilmer Warriors" somehow managed to break the private water line during their landscape "clean up".

The costs for these criminal acts are NOT the responsibility of the City and had BETTER NOT LAND ON THE CITIZENS AND TAXPAYERS OF WILMER! The Mayor could further misuse the color of his office to order the Water Department to fix the property owner's leak at taxpayer expense, thus compounding his legal problems. When the Mayor dispatched a City truck to the scene to cut the water off after damaging the private water line during the Criminal Trespass, a number of violations of the Penal Code Section 39 Abuse of Office may have occurred - including felony level Abuse of Official Capacity for dispatching city resources to shut off the water. The City has no liability to remedy any unlawful actions by office holders - IN FACT, any immunity enjoyed by public officials is waived when criminal acts are committed - especially under the color of their office.

Criminal trespass in this instance is likely a Class B misdemeanor, and under Texas law, conviction carries few consequences for office holders - unless the governing body should act to remove the Mayor and Ms. Madrigal. Hopefully, restitution for damages will be assessed against the vigilante group to compensate the property owner for expense to fix the broken water line.

UPDATE - Wilmercitizen has received information that Mayor Casarez may have attempted to commit two penal code violations, Section 36.05 Tampering With a Witness (State Jail Felony) and Section 36.06 Obstruction or Retaliation (3rd Degree Felony). During the incident, Casarez confronted eye witnesses and demanded that their recording devices be turned over to him. Video take of these offenses will be published when made available by these witnesses. At this point, any City action taken against the property owner following his criminal complaint might be considered "RETALIATION" since up until the point of reporting the crime, no action had been taken officially by the City.

Citizens may remember the 2012 Election Campaign incident involving Casarez and Madrigal in a similar unlawful use of public funds and trespass to "fix" a long standing draining project behind properties on Dewberry Street. Madrigal's landscape company was engaged to perform the work in violation of state nepotism law, without any discussion by the city council, approval of the contract or public disclosure. When work was stopped due to the crew trespassing on private property behind Dewberry Street, the citizens were still presented with a bill for several thousand dollars from Madrigal's landscape company which was approved for payment. Madrigal may have committed felony theft or misappropriation when she accepted the money for work which was not performed and returned nothing to the citizens. Felony complaints were filed at the time and the statute of limitations remain active - but like many complaints against Wilmer politicians over the years, the Wilmer PD never acted on or investigated the complaints.


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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ineligible for Office - Mayor Casarez Seeks Reelection

Mayor A. Hector Casarez decided to violate his oath of office and run for re-election although clearly in violation of state law. Casarez admitted he left the city and moved to Houston in June 2013. Now he's running for mayor when the law requires that mayor candidates be CONTINUOUSLY RESIDENT IN THE CITY FOR ONE YEAR.

Looks like the old-school has returned and Wilmer is regressing to the Don Hudson era of non-resident mayors, election fraud, vote buying and deception.

Casarez publicly admitted abandoning his position and moving to Houston in two articles in the Ellis County Press back in June 2013. [ED Note: See Ellis County Press "Wilmer Mayor Urged to Step Down" from June 6, 2013. See Ellis County Press "Wilmer Mayor Still Eligible to Hold Office" from June 14, 2013.]

The June 6 article states "Wilmer Mayor Hector Casarez moved to Houston last November after accepting a job" and "Casarez was appointed mayor in September 2011". Casarez left town to work in Houston back in November, 2012 - only 14 months after being appointed mayor.

The June 13 news article opens with a frank admission that the mayor left the jurisdiction, abandoning his elected post: "Though the mayor of Wilmer has accepted a contract job in Houston and has leased an apartment...".

The June 13 news article concludes somehow that Casarez was still eligible to hold office - quoting City Administrator Denny Wheat's "non-legal opinion" as a reference and doesn't refer to any legal citations, case law, or court opinions to back up their conclusion. It should be noted that Denny Wheat willingly admits he has no knowledge of the legal requirements of a "Type A General Law Municipality" and conducts the city's affairs as if Wilmer was a Home Rule City with a Charter and a City Manager - the only environment he has ever experienced in his bureaucratic career.

[ED Note: The Texas Local Government Code and numerous Attorney general's opinions disagree with Wheat's assertion and the article's conclusion that Casarez was still eligible to hold office after leaving the jurisdiction and abandoning his position. However, since the city council took no formal action to remove him for abandoning his post, he remains in office.]

Even so, the article says NOTHING about Casarez' eligibility to seek re-election, which requires a 12 month continuous residency requirement for mayor candidates under state law.

State law clearly states that a candidate for mayor must continuously reside within the municipality for at least 12 months preceeding election day: Texas Local Government Code Section 22.032 QUALIFICATIONS OF MEMBERS OF GOVERNING BODY (a) To be eligible for the office of mayor of the municipality, a person must be a registered voter and must have resided within the municipal limits for at least the 12 months preceding the election day.

To be fair, the law does provide that if the candidate's residence address is part of the city on election day, residency applies. [ED Note: Last time I checked, Houston Texas wasn't anywhere close to being annexed or made a part of Wilmer.]

Regular daily late night and early morning surveillance of the Casarez house reveals that the Mayor only regularly occupies the house on Dallas Avenue on nights when the City Council has a scheduled or called meeting. During the recently cancelled council meetings due to weather, Casarez was seen at the Dallas Avenue house on those cancelled meeting dates. However, on most days at between 1-5AM the Mayor's vehicle is nowhere to be seen in Wilmer, Texas. Coincidently, the Mayor works just a block from the Hyatt House in Dallas where Southport Developer Bill Wynne "resides" when in Texas - and the Mayor's return from Houston coincides with the time frame when the Southport development dominated the City's business activities for both the City Council and the City Administrator.

Seems that the residents of Wilmer have long memories about SOME things - Adelfia Casarez sucessfully campaigned for office years ago, only to resign after getting her boyfriend a job with the city, according to word on the street.

This reporter campaigned for mayor in 2012 against Casarez, and finds it astounding that Mr. Casarez would subject not only himself, but also HIS MOTHER, to the embarrassment of running for office. For long-time Wilmer residents, past indiscretions are still the talk of the town whenever the Casarez name pops up in conversation.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Water Works? (Part 2 of a continuing series)

Since our Christmas Story, we've encountered 3 Sewage Spills we've contacted TCEQ about and are awaiting their investigative reports. We are STILL waiting for the TCEQ report processing our claims regarding the water outage and lack of boil notices from the December 18 incident. A concerned citizen has pointed out there are various water leaks throughout the city, wasting the taxpayer's and water customer's money - and has put up a SIGN to force the City to address these leaks.

Billy Wickliffe used to say "Anybody can put up a sign, it don't mean anything." But sometimes signs work! The City has been plagued with water problems perpetually and routinely skirts reporting and testing regulations that highlight these problems. For whatever reason, we can't seem to get a clean bill of health on our testing but we're spending double the budget on it. And, those nasty water outages that require boil notices (you know to protect the public health), just don't seem to be staying fixed! Enjoy our photo essay of some of the potential future locations for the sign in the picture above. The BIG BREAK was HERE on December 18, 2013 - does this look "fixed" to you?
Here's what our school children have to pass by every day just a block down from City Hall on Dallas Avenue
Just last year they completely fixed several "Tree Streets" and put in new lines, now it seems some of the leaks are back - this one was reported two years ago.
Adams Street has a leak? Is this the same leak the City told us months ago had magically repaired itself?
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