Saturday, July 2, 2016


Seems only insurance companies, lawyers & the government require faxes for "instant" communication any more, but what a racket!! It's probably going to cost you more than $1 per page for local or toll-free faxing - unless you use Infinity Copy Center in Lancaster!
Here's a plug for Infinity Copy Center at 1301 N.Dallas Avenue in Lancaster (corner of Pleasant Run) 972-218-7188 or email Hours are 8:30AM-6:00PM Monday-Friday and 9:00AM-2:00PM Saturday - and I dare you to find that information anywhere else on the internet than this blog! Infinity charges a no B.S. price of 75 cents/page, while the others charge $1 to $1.59 per page with the first page costing more than the rest. SO THEY HAVE GREAT PRICES compared to UPS Store, FedEx/Kinkos, Staples or Office Depot/Office Max.

With the internet & "free" online fax services you'd think the days of fax machines were long past... but NOooo! Internet free faxing is extremely limited to usually fewer than 5 pages and perhaps only one fax a day. When I have a small fax, I'll scan my document and make a PDF file - and send it using for free. If my fax is longer than 5 pages, FaxZero handles it for just $1.99 via PayPal - UNLESS - your scanned document(s) total more than 20MB, then you'll find out it's too big after half hour of waiting for it to upload. Be sure to set your scanning/PDF creation software to no more than 150 dpi resolution, don't index the PDF file or make it "searchable" - in short you have to really take care to generate the smallest file possible.

I just spent over 3 hours trying to load a 19 page fax to several online fax services without success. Unfortunately, those 19 pages comprised a whopping 87MB upload. Thankfully, Infinity Copy Center was open for business on this holiday weekend.

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