Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Water Works? (Part 2 of a continuing series)

Since our Christmas Story, we've encountered 3 Sewage Spills we've contacted TCEQ about and are awaiting their investigative reports. We are STILL waiting for the TCEQ report processing our claims regarding the water outage and lack of boil notices from the December 18 incident. A concerned citizen has pointed out there are various water leaks throughout the city, wasting the taxpayer's and water customer's money - and has put up a SIGN to force the City to address these leaks.

Billy Wickliffe used to say "Anybody can put up a sign, it don't mean anything." But sometimes signs work! The City has been plagued with water problems perpetually and routinely skirts reporting and testing regulations that highlight these problems. For whatever reason, we can't seem to get a clean bill of health on our testing but we're spending double the budget on it. And, those nasty water outages that require boil notices (you know to protect the public health), just don't seem to be staying fixed! Enjoy our photo essay of some of the potential future locations for the sign in the picture above. The BIG BREAK was HERE on December 18, 2013 - does this look "fixed" to you?
Here's what our school children have to pass by every day just a block down from City Hall on Dallas Avenue
Just last year they completely fixed several "Tree Streets" and put in new lines, now it seems some of the leaks are back - this one was reported two years ago.
Adams Street has a leak? Is this the same leak the City told us months ago had magically repaired itself?

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