Tuesday, May 12, 2015


In the spirit of open government and enhanced communication, we are publishing the city provided cell phones for your Wilmer City Government. Please note, if you need to talk to someone at City Hall instead of the automated voice mail system, dial 972-441-6373.

Here are the Phone contacts for your elected Wilmer Leaders:
Mayor Casey Burgess 214-406-5726
**Mayor Pro Tem/Alderman Hector Pena 214-406-5893
**Alderman B.J. Wickliffe 469-520-6373
Alderman Sergio Campos 469-520-6374
Alderman Candy Madrigal 469-520-6376
Alderman Phyllis Slough 469-520-6375
** NOTE: These numbers will be reassigned to Aldermen-Elect Sheila Petta and John Eggen.

Here are the Phone Contacts for City Staff:
City Administrator 214-406-7071
City Secretary 214-406-4358

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