Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Citizen Rebuttal to TAFYC Pamphlet

Thanks to Mary Phinney for this Contributed Content.

[ED: Attache is Mary's letter in it's complete form and true format. Thanks again to Mary Phinney for resending her letter.]

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Editor Publisher said...

As a publisher of sorts I feel compelled to ask "If the Revolutionary War and been lost, would we ever have known that Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense?

Wisdoms Pearl said...

I don't think we are dealing with potential Treason here in Wilmer. And, Washington desposited half of his wealth in the Bank of Enland as a hedge against the out come of the Revolution. He knew his money was safe there.

Editor Publisher said...
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Editor Publisher said...

We'll see how the worm turns.
Wilmer folks don't have the wealth to play hedges or go-all-in like George - do you think your money (investment in Wilmer property) is safe here?