Monday, September 6, 2010

Second Newsletter from "Wilmer's Only News Media For Local News"

Citizen's Group "Take Action For Your City" has published a second newsletter as "Wilmer's Only News Media For Local News".

Click Here to read the entire publication in English.

More Community generated content for our publication.
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Editor Publisher said...

Citizen input was welcomed by the City Council. However, the meeting got off to a pretty rocky start when the Mayor made this contributed article a big part of his introductory remarks and demanded the author come forward.

Wisdoms Pearl said...

I am confused!
The reference to "Our Records" and the reference to "75% of the people are affected"?

Did someone poll every Water Bill recipient to get information that 75% of them are affected?
Did someone pick 100 randomly selected Water Bill recipients and 75% of them were affected?
Has someone hacked into the City's
computer system and actually analyzed every one of these Water Bills?

Where did your information come from? Without a source it is subject to many questions not asked.
Mary Phinney