Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wilmer Citizen Activist - New Look and Feel

Wilmer Public Citizen served the public interests well as an information resource and editorial voice, but it's purpose has been served and its' time to close the curtain on WPC.

Community News doesn't really describe the kind of content the community at large has published recently. Community Views reflect the community-based content of our readership.

Consider Wilmer Citizen Activist the place to publish your views and a resource to utilize in the ongoing process of self-governance and oversight. Use this forum as a tool to communicate - organize your community/block/neighborhood. Learn about what you can do to manage your public servants and exercise your lawful authority for self governance.

Criticize, ask questions, sign a petition, be a witness, call a lawyer, call your neighbor, assemble and make decisions, deliver pamphlets - work together to make a difference. Remember we've all been told "YOU are the government" - Let's Start Acting Like IT!

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