Tuesday, September 9, 2008


We are accepting comments from readers again after changing the blogging policy to restrict comments to "registered users".

Recent activity on this blog has prompted a change in policy for acceptance of blog comments. We will no longer accept "Anonymous" postings except upon registration with Google.

Readers may set up a Google account using the link provided on the comments page.

Other users will not be able to read your email address on the blog, only the "display name" you choose when setting up an account.

Note that you would "log in" to Google to post comments using your email address, but this would not be visible to other users. You can establish your display name as "anonymous" or "anon" as well as any other name of your choosing.

We will continue to moderate all comments and enforce our comment guidelines as necessary. Thank you for reading Wilmer Public Citizen.


The Observer said...

I don't mind registering. I would love to use my real name but we have seen what happens when you oppose those in power!

proofs in the pudin' said...

just what exactly happens when you oppose those in power? Mafia hit? House burned down? Mother in law held hostage? Get real!

Editor Publisher said...

That's the spirit! "The Observer" is a pretty anonymous user name.

Editor Publisher said...

To "proofs in the pudin" 9/9/8
Get real is one of my favorite expressions. All those things you listed have happened in the Big City just a few miles North of Wilmer - we may be a few decades behind of the Big city "out here" for the time being, but I certainly wouldn't discount the possibilities you've suggested.

Editor Publisher said...


Why? Because this log doesn't have an associate moderator and that name is misleading - change that display name and we'll be okay! BTW, it really IS quiet by comparison.

The Associate Moderator has left a new comment on your post "BLOG

You could hear a pin drop in here now.

The Observer said...

Unfortunately, I am REAL! What could happen? Your house could be egged. Annoying but minor. You could be stopped by the Wilmer PD on a frequest basis. Nails could be mysterously sprinkled in your driveway. No Mafia hits at this time.

Just Asking said...

Observer was right on point when he stated that eggs and nails have been used in the past against those that opposed those in power. Mr. Lowe even threatened to burn down my home. My family and I have had those things happen that Observer states. So would anyone be surprised if there was a mafia hit? No. Would anyone be surprised if a mother in law was held hostage? No, some may not want her back. But the serious truth here is that you do run a danger of things happening to you or your property for speaking out against those in power. My guess is the "proofs in the pudin" has never had anything done to him for speaking out. Maybe thats because he is a strong supporter of those in power and has nothing to fear. The blog regarding Ms. McDonald should open some minds as to the risk you run in this town. Now they are trying to stop free speech. Are we now to be censored for speaking out against something we believe is wrong for the city. WOW And Joe did I read right, this sight may be next? Double WOW....Your blog regarding the Hitler comparison may have been closer to the truth than we think.

lurker said...

I am new to this city. I have never seen?heard so many adults (?) behaving like 10 year old children. The back stabbing and name calling is amazing. It is like everyone is trying out to be paris hilton's new BFF. If you can not agree with someone the adult thing to do is agree to disagree and then move on. You can still work with others and have a difference of opinion. Individuals need to get over the me only thought process and work together to do what is best for the communtity as a whole.

Wisdoms Pearl said...

proofs inthe pudin' needs a course in the reality of small towns with demi-gods in control. If he/she does not recognized a town in a strangle hold he/she is a blind man/woman.

Editor Publisher said...

"The Associate Moderator" establishes new blog for folks wanting to comment freely -
Check Out The Trouble With Wilmer

Great! Keep on Blogging!