Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Concrete Batch Plant on Belt Line?

The property formerly proposed for an auto auction site on East Belt Line Road now has a sign stating that permits have been issued by TCEQ for a Concrete Batch Plant on that site. Click Here to View the TCEQ Permits Application

The application was filed on July 29 and reviewed on August 11, 2008. There were no comments or public hearing requests received during the review period. Rodman LLC is the permit holder. According to the document on the TCEQ web site, information on the proposed plant is available at the Wilmer Public Library.

Local residents insist that the sign did not appear on the property until earlier in the month (September) - long after the appropriate period for public comment and debate on the matter.

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Wisdoms Pearl said...

When did this go before the P&Z?
When did the City Council put this on the Agenda?
Was it advertized in any one of the Black Newspapers?
This plant's representative said it is dependent upon the the Auto Action/Salvage being approved.
Isn't the Cabellero and Estes Property annexed?
Doesn't the City Plan show this as Residential?
Has anyone told the County that the Cottonwood Valley R.O.W. has been trespassed on, its trees cut down and the fence separating the Cabellero and Estes properties from the Cottonwood Valley Road R.O.W. removed?