Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lancaster Halts Meeting Due to Improper Notices

The Dallas Morning News reports that the Lancaster ISD abruptly closed it's Trustee's meeting when a citizen reported that notice of the agenda had not been properly posted on the district's web site. Click Here to View the DMN Article online.

We have one question: Why did the meeting last a hour and a half when the only action taken was to approve the minutes of the last meeting? Kudos to Lancaster for handling the problem efficiently and appropriately.

Just goes to show that IF a political subdivision has a web site - it had better be kept completely up-to-date with notices posted per statutory requirements in a timely fashion. There's no web equivalent of putting up a notice with scotch tape outside City Hall.

Wilmer doesn't have the resources that Lancaster or Lancaster ISD does.

Voluntary compliance with open meetings and public records statutes doesn't seem to be much of a concern in Wilmer either.

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