Friday, April 11, 2008

More Campaign "Propaganda"

Last week the Wickliffe/Bain/Jistel/Evans campaign put out another mailing to Wilmer voters - two pages this time.
Click here to view the PROPAGANDA.

Let's review this campaign material and call out the facts. The Bank and the Wilmer Lube sat completed for months before opening - we wonder what these candidates were doing about that. Dallas Water still is not here in Wilmer no matter what the flyer says (just taste what comes from your tap). Enhanced fire department services consists of the Fire Chief's car getting fixed and the two departments fighting over which was responsible for the new truck grant - while the second fire station is clearly marked "Volunteer Fire Department" only.

But the really big lie is that reducing the property tax rate from .66 to .61 when the city has serious and chronic shortfalls in revenue - is any kind of benefit to the voters. That may be politics but the fiscal irresponsibility of the council should be a CRIMINAL offense. Look at your recent property tax bills and see if they are lower than last year.

And what is to come next is more of the same tired half-truths (lies). There are no new grocery stores, hotels or sit down restaurants coming "soon". We need more housing to generate enough demand for these services and it's not coming any time soon. Sure, we have a sign that promises new amenities, but there's no development money to build anything yet. And there won't be in the next few years to come - at least not during the next council terms.

The promise of lower water and sewer rates is unconscionable when the Water Department has budgeted a LOSS of $1.40 for every $1 income. The financially responsible thing to do is RAISE rates to a level that can sustain the costs of operating Wilmer Water Works. Or let the Allen Group bring in Dallas Water.

The promise of better cleaner streets seems hollow given the amount of dirt still being moved in these large industrial developments. Has anyone seen a budget for a street sweeper? Do we have a Steam roller for asphalt? Will the recent pothole repairs last until the election? Would the roads be getting any service if it weren't close to election time?

And then there is the redundancy of this political message. Dallas Water (already here) but better water (on the way). More police time in town (now) and increased police presence (coming).

Only one page of the two page flyer indicated it was a paid political advertisement and again omitted who paid for it, clearly an ethics violation. However, it was the second page that caught our attention with the admission "Watch for Mail Outs from City Hall". Did this mailing come from City Hall? Were public funds used to create and print this flyer as well? Is that why the flyer doesn't state who paid for it?

It seems this group of candidates wants to take credit for the sun shining and the wind blowing as well as every other event in Wilmer. Of course there aren't any voting records to see how or what this council has done to encourage new development. Are we to believe that only Evans and Wickliffe on the council ares responsible for the City Wide Spring Clean Up and Garage Sale this April? One wonders where the proceeds from this garage sale are going to end up? And how do Bain and Jistel figure in all these good things, since they're not affiliated with the city council?

We would like to know what new business is signing up and what for. This type of over the top campaigning makes it look to the typical voter like these four candidates are financing development here themselves, instead of crediting the investors and developers that make it possible. Sure Wilmer is growing, but it has little to do with the efforts of Wickliffe and Evans - much less Jistel and Bain.

Propaganda is supposed to make you feel good about doing something that may not be so good for you - like voting for something that's completely against your self interests. A vote to "Keep the Train Rolling" is really a vote to "Keep Getting Railroaded". Be smarter than that and vote to "Derail the gravy train" for politicians and their relatives working for the city.


Anonymous said...

It's about time somebody told the truth about those four. There talking that crap all over town. Everytime I see Bain coming I turn and go the other way. Wickliffe, Lowe, and Bain, what a bunch of losers

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Anonymous said...

There are three viable candidates out there. They are Vandygriff, Bell and Vandygriff. If you want real change for Wilmer then lets support someone not affiliated with Rader nor the Allen Group. Their only interest is in Wilmer and its citizens.