Tuesday, April 15, 2008

County Public Information (Scam?)

A flurry of recent activity on this web site regarding the recent mayoral race prompted our inquiry into who at Dallas County was reading our blog. We weren't surprised to find out - but we were surprised at it costing $23.50 (plus parking).

March 28 a call was placed to the Dallas County Service desk to see what departments or who was accessing Wilmer Public Citizen online. Google reported activity from within the George Allen Courts Building on a number of occasions. We were informed that the information, while immediately available, could not be given out without filing a formal Open Records or Public Information request. We filed the request via fax on April 1 but were informed that the request must be addressed to the Administrator of the County Commissioners Court. We refiled the request and followed up on April 2 with a phone call, only to be informed that the request had been forwarded to the District Attorney's office for processing. A quick call to the Civil Division yielded that an attorney had been assigned to handle our request.

We received a fax from the District Attorney's office on April 10 stating that the fee for looking up the information would be $23.50 (click here to see the estimate). As readers will note, the information in the one page report could easily have been given out over the phone at the time the request was made through the County Service Desk. We aren't sure these charges are accurate or in accordance with statutes, but we are relieved that we can at last hold the District Attorney's office accountable for information regarding the situation in Wilmer.

Ben Stuhl (Stool) is watching what we publish. There goes his deniability.

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Anonymous said...

Here's one for good ol'lazy do nothing but draw a pay check from the citizens of Dallas County, Ben Stool. I think he gets off on controversy and drama. I think he creates drama for little towns like Wilmer and then has HIS SECRET TIMES AT THE COMPUTER! It might be very interesting to see WHAT ELSE HE'S DOING ON THE COMPUTER! ONE OUR TIME! MAYBE HE'S THE SECRET PAC THAT STARTED THE LIQUER PETITION HERE AND THAT'S WHY THE COUNTY DOESN'T WANT TO GIVE OUT ANY INFO, JUST A BILL. DOES THAT MAKE YOUR HEART BEAT FAST BEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!