Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Politics Four Years Later

It certainly is amazing how much things can change over just four years!

Take a blast into the past and remember when political alliances were - different.
Click here to view the 2004 campaign propaganda web site!


Anonymous said...

It is funny how in Wilmer politics, those that run over and over again, would like the citizens to forget what they campaigned on. Its nice to see that someone is willing to call them on their campaign promises. Just because they haven't ran a campaign in 4 years, the lies are always the same. Hudson promised 10,000 new jobs and Dallas water to everyone.

Anonymous said...

typical politics in wilmer. promises are made, but the only obvious thing done, are at most, poorly done patch jobs on streets that need replaced. if you dont believe it, watch public works around election time and see what they do. until the wickliffe, lowe, hudson era passes, wilmer will continue to be a slum lord controlled city and the laughing stock of dallas county. not to mention the chief of police being a joke and a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

HUDSON WAS AT MY HOUSE THIS WEEK AND WHEN I ASK HIM WHAT HE WAS PROMOSING for the citizens of Wilmer he stated just the truth. He said that the whole council was working on Dallas water the only thing that they were split on was in what direction it would come. Bain on the other hand just talked about Hudson. It appears to me that some people are letting feelings enter into politics. Just like the above anonymous.