Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rebuttals to Former Mayor's Letter

Mayor Don Hudson, WPD Chief Robert Wells and Council member Tiny Lange issued statements in rebuttal to former mayor Linda Root's letter published last week. Click here to read the former mayor's letter.
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25 March 2008

Dear Linda,

You are a walking, talking advertisement for my re-election.
Please keep up the good work.


Don Hudson

I live in Wilmer and own property in East Texas.
I didn't give any land to Robert Wells. That land in East Texas is my grandchildren's inheritance. My husband and I plan to move to East Texas when we're 60 and retire. That's two more years. There isn't any house on that property. We'll sell our house in Wilmer before we put a house down there. Linda Root needs to stay out of DeSoto and not try to vote early - if she votes in the Wilmer election she will be filed on.

Wilmer Police Chief Robert Wells had this to say about the former mayor's letter. "I don't know where she gets her information, but she needs to get the facts straight. Nobody's given me two acres and I don't have any plans to move to East Texas."

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The Watcher said...

Well, Don Hudson didn't deny or confirm the accusations of Mrs. Root. Where does she get her information? Is this just a game and they know how to yank her chain?

Anonymous said...

robert wells is a liar! if he wants to push the issue, he sat in his office and told me that ms. lange's boyfriend gave him an acre of their east texas property and he went so far as to draw me a map showing where is acre is. he also stated he was thinking of buying a mobile home to place on the property. he also said that he and eddie had telephone poles that were replaced at the corner of beltline rd. and s. dallas ave. given to them for the property. he has also stated to his own employees that he was moving to east texas. all he does is lie when backed into a corner. he is a disgrace to any officer that wears a badge, but the city council wants a puppet to do their bidding, and thats just what they have.