Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mayoral Candidate Application in Error

A public information request by Wilmer Public Citizen reveals that mayoral candidate Teresa Bain submitted erroneous documents and could be disqualified, leaving only incumbent Don Hudson and "media sensation" Brian Sliter to run for Mayor of Wilmer in the May 10 election.

Readers will note that the section of the application containing notarized signature and sworn statement lists "Council Member" as the position sought by candidate Teresa Bain. Click here to view the full size document. Readers may also note certain handwriting inconsistencies in this section as compared to the top and signature sections of the document.

Sources familiar with City Administrator Thom Lauer's handwriting said the erroneous information appeared to be in his hand. Readers may recall that Mr. Lauer is the son-in-law of former council member Teresa Bain whose appointment as city administrator was the subject of a recent grand jury investigation.

Dallas County elections department stated the mistaken information wouldn't automatically eliminate Ms. Bain as a candidate. A court action may be necessary to remove Ms. Bain from the May 10 ballot. However, the issue of inconsistent handwriting and the sworn statement contents was not addressed by sources at the election department. Election officials were not advised at the time of the inquiry that the document was made available for publication.


Anonymous said...

Here's a question for the citizen's of Wilmer. Is this the best you deserve? Don't you deserve truth and legal observation? Obvisiously, the hand writing on this document is by 2 different people. If it was done by a person employed by the Wilmer and paid for by the citizens of this city, will it be ignored? Or will the personnal and State Law be followed? Isn't everyone tired of the law not being following and exceptions being made? Who cares what it looks like? The facts are that it was not properly completed by law, (maybe it was that little section about understanding the nepotism laws that side tracked the person filling in the form), and now the LAW MUST BE FOLLOWED. If we want a better town, then we must insist that it be followed, and those who do not are no better than those not following the law. I hope this is clear and that the citizens in this city will start demanding more respect for the law and themselves. The Constitution of this country states that all CITIZENS not only have the right, byt the responsibility to correct the injustices done. That is what it is all about. Call your mayor, call your city secretary ask and demand that what ever can be done to follow the election code be done. Sorry Ms. Bain, maybe the next time you will take the incentive to do your own work and not have someone else do it for you. If you can't make it clear what office you are running for, on a simple fill in the blank document, should we really think that you can run this city and make it better? Or will you just turn everything over to who ever filled in the blanks for you and sign what ever they but in your face. Good luck next year - Ellection Officer, follow the law and do your job, let's start here and now for a better city!

Anonymous said...

Teresa Bain came by my house the other night telling mr all she had done for the city of Wilmer. If my memory serves me right, she has not been on the council in over a year. She did not say anything about being Thom Lauers mother in law. Thanks to Miss. Hagen I now know the truth. I guess she thinks everybody in wilmer is dumb except for Billy and her son in law.

Anonymous said...

well... it wasn't her husband that wrote it for her because he's illiterate. If you don't believe me, then give him something to read!