Friday, March 21, 2008

Open Letter from Former Mayor Linda Root

Linda Root, former Mayor of the City of Wilmer posts the following letter for publication. Readers please note that the letter from Linda Root is published at her request as a public service to the citizens of Wilmer and has not been verified, proofed or edited by Wilmer Public Citizen. DISCLAIMER: This letter does not represent the opinion, position or editorial view of Wilmer Public Citizen.

As the former Mayor of Wilmer I can no longer sit by and watch or here the things transpiring in Wilmer, once again. I know that I will be slammed by Hudson and others because they know that what I have to say is the TRUTH. Oh, they will claim that I am still upset that I lost the election, but make no mistake, I could have run under a false address just as Hudson and Lange are doing , but that is not my style.

Please do not let the article of Tom Lauer printed in the Ellis County Press March 20, 2008, persuaded you in any way. The truth of the matter is that he is in fear of his job. Yes, I said in fear of his Job.

He points out in his letter that they are just trying to do their jobs? Who is he kidding? How many culverts overflowed in the city during the last rain? Almost all of them. And why did this happen? Because, the current City Council, does not require anyone employed by the City of Wilmer to do their jobs. If this were not a true statement then we would have seen the City Public Works Department out on Tuesday cleaning the culverts out and trying to relieve some of the flooding, instead of driving through the city with their truck lights blazing.

Where does the truth stop and the lies begin, the lies begin with Thom Lauer writing articles for the Ellis County Press, getting involved in city politics and not doing his job. ALL city Employees including Thom Lauer should be fired on the spot for campaigning year after year. This is the LAW. Wilmer Chief of Police and Dean Rollison should never be allowed to send out campaign letters on City Letter head, paid for by YOUR tax dollars. I hope that the new city council will see that if this happens again ALL and I mean ALL city employees should be fired on the SPOT.

The lies begin when Hudson runs for Mayor of Wilmer again; only he doesn’t live in the city. Hudson go home to Palmer, your grandchildren need you, WILMER DOES NOT. Mike Rader Inc., paid you over $760,000.00 for your property on Goode Rd., and you built a new home in Palmer. Leave Wilmer alone, there is no NEW money here for you.

Tiny Lange needs to move to East Texas and leave Wilmer to those who live in the city and want only the best for it. She is telling everyone that if she gets elected she will resign. SO WHY RUN and waste our time? Is this an ego thing? Take Robert Wells with you since you donated or gave him 2 acres to build his dream home on. I say have a nice dream and leave Wilmer alone.

You people continue to twist the truth until no one knows what the truth is. The truth is yes, the citizens voted those three council members in office, but they did not vote to hire relatives to work for the city nor did they vote for them to keep lying to them.

I sure hope there are new members on this council who have no hidden agendas and help to steer this city free of all the miss-use of funds, special interest investors and let Wilmer have a shot at becoming the town it can be. A city ran by competent people that can do their jobs. All we want is clean streets, Continues Dallas water (not just at election time and stop paying Mike Rader for Dallas water), code enforcement and a police department who protects us and not harasses private citizens because they do not support the current council members or the Mayor. Let them Annex property that lies in the County. And see that only the interest of the citizens is kept in the forefront. Not the interest of investors who buy their land, fund their campaigns or mow yards for only the group that supports them. Make everyone equal in Wilmer and provide everyone with what they deserve for paying taxes there. Lets not lower property taxes then raise sales tax and claim they are doing us a favor. Because of all of the investors buying property here, our tax values went WAY up and theirs are listed as Ag use (means little to no taxes for them).

The person that operates the Shell Gas station lied before the public at the council meeting on March 20, 2008. He stated that his company would not nor did not support the sale of alcohol. THIS IS A LIE. After hours of searching public records, they show that ALL Tri Gaz stations support the sale of alcohol. As does the corporations that own these stations. SO to that person, who lied, please join the others on the Council and LIE LIE LIE. Quit getting rich off the backs of the same people that support your stations and just tell the truth.

A NOTE FOR HUDSON: You have blamed my husband and I for starting this Alcohol petition and again you are lying to the public that you swore to serve. Then you claimed that we conspired with the Vandygriffs and John Eggen (who you claim started this petition). I AM CALLING YOU A LIAR Hudson. You better be prepared to back up this statement with some facts and the truth Here's a novel Idea how about backing up your lies for once. BUT oh wait a minute that is just not your style…you are known as a Liar and will always be known as a LIAR… GO HOME TO PALMER

Remember, I still own property in Wilmer, which means I STILL pay higher taxes. No I am not trying to run Wilmer from Red Oak, because I live in Red Oak. Unlike you, who live in Palmer, you ARE trying to still trying to run Wilmer. You got your fifteen minutes of fame talking on the radio, but what are our options? YOU or BAIN?
I am voting for Brian Sliter.… You both had your chance and he couldn’t run the city any worse than you two have.

Former Mayor Linda Root

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