Thursday, March 20, 2008

Candidates Publish Statements

The political candidates for Wilmer city council and mayor positions were on hand for the March 20 city council meeting with written statements in hand for the audience and the media.

Wilmer Public Citizen received written statements for city council candidates Dennis Vandygriff and Vicky Vandygriff. These statements, as well as statements received from all candidates are published for our readers as an online public service.

Click here to read candidate Dennis Vandygriff's statement.

Click here to read candidate Vicky Vandygriff's statement.

Click here to read mayoral candidate Brian Sliter's statement.

Click here to read the combined statement for candidates Billy Wickliffe, Mary Evans, James Jistel and Theresa Bain. Or read our editorial assessment previously published click here

For the record, to date Wilmer Public Citizen has received no written statements from candidates Tiny Lange, Marlena Hagen, Matais Leal, Stan Bell, or incumbent Mayor Don Hudson.

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