Thursday, March 20, 2008

Council Meeting March 20 - Campaigns Heat Up

The media circus was in town for Thursday night's Wilmer City Council meeting with TV coverage by channels 11 and 33 reporting. In an unusually well attended meeting, all agenda items were passed without dissent or discussion.

Mayoral candidate Brian Sliter called a press conference following the publication of an anonymous article in today's Ellis County Press in which he was referred to as a registered sex offender. According to sources at the scene which reportedly contacted the Ellis County Press, City Administrator Thom Lauer authored the article for publication. Mr. Lauer denied the allegation stating that he was merely interviewed for the article.

Mr. Sliter handed out a written statement to the press and all the meeting attendees. The full text of his statement is available online, click here to read the statement.

Channel 11 coverage interviewed incumbent Mayor Don Hudson who felt that having a registered sex offender as mayor would stigmatize the city of Wilmer. He did not indicate whether that would be positive or negative in the interview.

As an interesting side note, the channel 33 website ( conducted a poll asking respondents if they would ever vote for a registered sex offender. At the time of this writing, over 88% voted "YES".
(ED Note: Wilmer Public Citizen agrees)


Anonymous said...

In the court of Public Opinion a registered sex offender doesn't hold a very high position, but he would probably be better as a mayor than the corrupt bunch that has been in control for the past twenty or so years!

English Speaker said...

I would like to say I was at that meeting and to my knowledge English is still the language of the United States. Wilmer is part of the United States. Therefore the meeting should be conducted in English and that includes the invocation. Mr. Lowe may think he is so savy praying in Spanish and I know God speaks all languages but consider where you are. Speak English!