Sunday, March 30, 2008

Complaint Filed with County Election Board

The Dallas County Election Board received a written complaint Friday afternoon (March 28) regarding the two remaining candidates in the race for mayor of Wilmer.

The complaint listed inaccuracies in Teresa Bain's application for a place on the ballot as reported last week.(Click here to see our original story)

The complaint also listed Don Hudson's residence address as being invalid. Voter registration records revealed that Hudson's registered address is still listed as 750 North Goode Road (file photo above). The voter registration record had been flagged in the computer as "Pending verification", "Inactive" and "Suspended".
Hudson's application for a place on the ballot lists his address as #6 Belmont in the KnollRidge trailer park.

No officials at the Election Board were available late Friday afternoon to comment on the merits of the complaint or what would happen if all candidates were disqualified or withdrawn from the race.


Legal Voter said...

The County election Board hasn't done anything in past elections regarding people voting when they don't even live in the city, why does anyone think they would take action because someone is running for election who doesn't live in Wilmer!

Editor Publisher said...

re: legal voter
It doesn't really matter if the county acts or not. The purpose of media is to inform. Very few folks in Wilmer read this blog - that doesn't matter either. "Big media" has taken note - THAT'S what matters.

Anonymous said...

The most important thing the citizens of Wilmer needs to remember is after the election all the hoop-laa will be over and we will be stuck with the mayor and city council. We need to be thinking about that.