Friday, March 28, 2008

Candidate Brian Sliter Issues Statement

Brian Sliter's candidacy for mayor of Wilmer has created quite a sensation in the international media. Late last night, Sliter issued the following statement:

"I've been convinced by the probation department to drop out of the race for mayor in the best interests of all concerned. My biggest concern is that my motivation for running and putting myself through this ordeal will go unnoticed. At this point, I feel I've done all I can for the community in focusing international attention on the problems in Wilmer."

"One of my goals was to raise the level of awareness within and beyond the community to recognize the scandalous behavior and corruption in the city government. I am concerned that I may have failed the community because no Federal, State or local agencies have responded to our plea for investigations. Whether it is the Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas Rangers, FBI or the County authorities - repeated attempts to engage them have fallen on deaf ears."

In a brief letter to City Secretary Crystol Birdwell, Mr. Sliter withdrew from the mayoral race and asked that his name be removed from the ballot by the Dallas County Elections board .


Wilmer voter said...

It is disappointing that Brian has dropped out of the race, but it is entirely understandable. Who would want to subject themself to public scrunity and criticism? Yet he has already done that. Surprisingly many people were prepared to vote for him in an effort to get the current group out. Good luck, Brian.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Sliters problems pale in comparison to the crupt individuals sitting on this city council. Let's hope the public will finally see the light and elect a new group that only has the best interest of the citizens of Wilmer. The self interest Wickliffe, Hudson, Lange and Nain need to go.

Anonymous said...

are you going to post the last comment??????

Editor Publisher said...

Wilmer Public Citizen moderates all comments. We will not publish profanity or racial, ethnic or religious hate speech. This includes veiled sarcasm masquerading as "prayer". Nor do we publish prayer or other religious material - we leave that for the Ellis County Press.

Anonymous said...

Some one in this comunity needs to step up and fix this (Do as I want city goverment). Missapproations of city funds for cell phones to citizens of Wilmer because they need one is just wrong. And for the rest of the concil to go along with it in paying the bills in November 07, they are just as guilty. They all should be removed that were serving the community at that time.