Monday, January 7, 2008

Wilmer Nepotism Reported in Ellis County Press

The Ellis County Press reported that three Wilmer City Council Members had been contacted by the Dallas District Attorney's Office regarding a potential nepotism case regarding the rehiring of City Administrator Thom Lauer. Read the full story online - click here.

Mayor Don Hudson, in an interview January 5, denied having read the article in the Ellis County Press and stated "I don't think the District Attorney has much of a case." Mayor Hudson indicated that Theresa Bain had given verbal notice of her resignation prior to the rehiring of Mr. Lauer. Mayor Hudson also stated that Ms. Bain did not participate in any council meetings, decisions or discussions after her verbal commitment to resign in the event Mr. Lauer was rehired.

Council member Eugene Lowe stated in response to questions about the article "We'll just let the lawyers handle that." Mr. Lowe also denied having read the article in the Ellis County Press and had no comment when asked about the article. Mr. Lowe refused to answer questions about whether he had retained legal counsel or other representation when asked about his comment. "I don't have to answer your questions - you're not a real reporter... you're just a blogger... an Internet geek with a website".

Council members Billy Wickliffe and Dean Rolison could not immediately be reached for comment.