Saturday, January 19, 2008

Problems in the City of Wilmer?

Folks all over town are talking about the "next election" in Wilmer. A lot of folks are thinking maybe the recently "indictable" won't be running. The only position we know will be vacated is the Mayor's office. "Who wants the Mayor title?" is one question that almost seems relevant except that we never ask "Who wants to DO the job?"
Only a crony would want the job as a "vote-less" Mayor under City Administrator Thom Lauer's dictum from "the council" based on his personal preference.

Why is there a problem? Because the city's leaking money at an alarming rate and the imbeciles are in control of the machinery. According to the current illegally enacted budget, the city Water Works plans on losing $1.40 for every $1 they take in. How long can you get away with that? How fully are the city's books cooked by the egregious behavior of the accounting/auditing firms constantly late statutory audit reports and inconsistent financial reports? The errors and obvious bluster in the current budget document is reprehensible, completely unbelievable. Totally insane that the city is allowed to perpetrate obvious fraud in a public document.
An audit from state agencies would be most appropriate: start with finance, accounting and voter eligibility and progress to record keeping and statutory compliance.

Why do we need professional assistance? Simply to answer if the "City" is worth continuing. Sure we can elect better officials but without house cleaning the city payrolls what good will it do if the imbeciles still control the machinery? The "City" (any governing body) will state that it has no obligations, no liability, that it is immune from civil suits, and opinions from the Texas Attorney Generals Office are nothing more than opinions. So good luck, you're on your own dealing with city hall, tough break on the legal stuff. If the "City" can't be expected to comply with state laws at a minimum, what legitimizes its' continuance? Why should we the citizens of Wilmer have to support a less-than-adequate city government? Because "that's just Wilmer" or "that's how it's always been" or "what makes you think you can change it"? Wake up folks, you could be paying less taxes overall and getting Dallas County services to maintain your roads, sewers and such. Or maybe it ends up costing the same - or heaven forbid more? Well then it's the difference between whether you think it's better to dump $15 for nothing or pay $20 and actually get public works and services without having to be related to a "somebody".

Lest I forget that is Wilmer separated from Dallas by at least as many years (if not decades) in thinking as miles between them on I-45.

Most folks wouldn't sign a ballot petition to discorporate (dissolve) Wilmer, even though the financial outlook is bleak for the citizens. Figure 400% increase on your garbage pickup on the water bill. Complain how much better off we'd be on "Dallas water". Blame the slow accountants for not getting the numbers right before starting a new budget year. Blame the Municipal Government Code for not allowing enough time to cook the books. But who wants to jump on the band wagon and eliminate the "City of Wilmer"? Would we be better off joining with Seagoville or Hutchins or Lancaster? Maybe, but why would their citizens take on Wilmer's financial burden? Try to give yourself as a Wilmer resident a break here - are you getting services from the city or have you just given up trying? Why continue to support that level of services at any price? On the other hand, if you're actually getting good services from the City of Wilmer call 214-244-7689 or send email to and we'll be glad to print your story and pertinent facts (like who you're related to).

Some folks don't know we have a serious problem here. It's been shrugged off due to lack of education and apathy. We think it's lack of motivation (why wouldn't you vote to reduce taxes) and perspective (what's wrong with putting your family on the city payroll/expense account). It's real simple - if you're a voter wanting lower taxes, sign a petition to dissolve the city. Maybe you'll eventually get cable TV too.

If you're a developer think of the benefits of not having to deal with the Wilmer City Fathers - a corporate sponsor or three could make a petition campaign viable.