Thursday, November 29, 2007

Brush Fire Rages at Sunridge Business Park

Tree and brush burning turned out of control today at Sunridge Business Park tracts North of Pleasant Run and South of Swango Road this afternoon. Units responded from Hutchins Fire Department when it became apparent that Wilmer's Brush Fire truck didn't have enough water to handle the blaze alone.

An additional unit was called in from Wilmer Volunteer Fire Department. Sunridge construction crews responded with a bulldozer to help contain the blaze. Apparently the wind shifted and caught several acres of grass on fire, widening the controlled burn area beyond safety limits. Wilmer Public Works truck was first on the scene followed by Wilmer FD Brush Fire Unit and Wilmer PD. Hutchins FD arrived several minutes later with the Wilmer volunteer FD truck about ten minutes behind.
Back at the station, Wilmer Volunteer Chief Dean Rolison stated "It was burning pretty good when we got there, but we got it out." Responding to questions, Chief Rolison indicated that the bulldozer "helped a lot" and that there were no injuries.
Sunridge Business Park developer Mike Rader could not be reached for comment.