Thursday, August 9, 2007

Dallas District Attorney Declines Prosecution

Monday, August 6, Wilmer Public Citizen conferred with the Dallas County District Attorney's office on a number of complaints of violations by Wilmer city officials. Numerous allegations of misconduct and misdemeanors were brought against City Administrator Thomas Lauer, as well as a number complaints of conduct and irregular procedure on the part of several elected and appointed officials.

The District Attorney's offices declined to prosecute any of the offenses cited in the talking points prepared for the meeting, stating that the specific allegations were not serious enough to pursue criminal charges. The District Attorney's office recommended civil action as the best option available to pursue these complaints. The complaints ranged from simple assault (Penal Code Section 22.01), Abuse of Offficial Capacity (Penal Code Section 39.02), Official Oppression (Penal Code 39.03), Aggravated Perjury (Penal Code Section 37.03), Conflict of Interest (Local Government Code Section 212.017), Conspiracy to Circumvent the Open Meetings Act (Government Code Section 551.143), and Failure to Allow Access to Records under the Public Information Act (Government Code 552.353).

Wilmer Public Citizen will continue investigating the city's conduct and management practices and establishing a solid foundation for future complaints. For the full details, click here to view the talking points document prepared for the District Attorney.