Thursday, August 16, 2007

City of Wilmer Cited by Water Board for Late Audit

Mr. Kevin Kline of he Texas Water Development Board was granted a brief presentation by the Wilmer City Council in the Meeting August 16. Mr. Kline cited that the Texas Water Development Board not received the audited financial report from the city within 120 days of fiscal year end as mandated by state law and their attorneys would be referring the matter to the Texas Attorney General for action. Wilmer Public Citizen had previously verified by Public Information Act Request that there were no audited financial reports for the past fiscal year (2005 was the last year available as of August 9). Mayor Don Hudson pointed out that the city had never missed or been late on a required payment to the Texas Water Development Board and Mr. Kline verified those facts.

City Administrator Thomas Lauer presented a number of circumstances with the audit firm of Witherspoon, Yelldell & Wilson P.C. and the poor service the City of Wilmer had been receiving. It should be noted that Wilmer Public Citizen has been requesting current audited financials since November 2006. Unfortunately, the City of Wilmer remains in non-compliance with state law and there are no excluded circumstances which prevail.

Wilmer Public Citizen has been investigating the City's financial documents and has met with limited, but much appreciated success. However, given the number of irregular accounts and the statement by past auditors that the City chooses not o comply with generally accepted accounting principals with regards to Management Analysis and Reporting. Based on figures received via Public Information Act Request, the City is behind on taxes, insurance and benefits payments ("payroll taxes") on all payroll and staff expenses.