Thursday, August 16, 2007

Wilmer City Council Meeting August 16

The Wilmer City Council met August 16 sans Mr. Rollison and Mr. Wickliffe to consider three annexation issues, an easement for AT&T and purchase of a new truck. The night got off to an uneven start when the open items report was unavailable, an omen of things to come.
Before beginning the agenda, Mayor Hudson recognized Mr, Kevin Kline of the Texas Water Development Board who gave a brief presentation citing the city for non-compliance with state regulations on timely filing of mandatory fiscal year-end audit reports. Mayor Hudson pointed out that the City had always been compliant on timely payments to the Texas Water Development Board, By law, each governmental authority must have prepared a completed financial audit of the previous fiscal year financial performance within 120 days of the end of the fiscal year in question (approximately Feb. 1 of the following year).

The issue of replacing the recently destroyed Public Works truck was passed without dissent or discussion. The circumstances under which the truck was destroyed were questionable at the time. A city worker driving on a suspended license was driving the truck for parts when a call came in requiring emergency response when the vehicle was damaged. There have been no police reports available from Dallas County nor the City of Wilmer. No charges were filed against the employee or supervisor authorizing the use of the vehicle (misuse of govt property)

The three parcels of Sunridge Business Park property for annexation were approved without dissent after appropriate language to meet statutory requirements was considered. Two public hearings on the annexation are required before an annexation action can be completed. These will be scheduled at an undisclosed later date. A review of the plats and aerial photographs of the development revealed that global conglomerate Unilever (NYSE symbol UN - website has contracted for a 900,000+ square-foot facility on the west side of the park near North Goode Road.