Saturday, April 9, 2011

Voter Registration Drive

It's that time of year for City Elections. "Take Action For Your City" is sponsoring a voter registration drive today through April 13, the last day you can register and vote in the upcoming May 14 election.
Click Here to view the Take Action For Your City Voter Registration Flyer.


Anonymous said...

"hey" retard you cant even spell. You even spelled the mayors name wrong.

Editor Publisher said...

ED NOTE: Contributed Articles are published without modification

Mayor said...

I have tried several occasions to make contact with Take Action For Your City through the phone number on the flyer that has been distributed. As of today, there has not been a returned call. You have identified yourself as a contributing party to this group so this is the reason I addressed this posting to you. I will be hosting forums in the multi-family communities to discuss the issues of the city. The fact of the matter is the information that TAFYC is propagating is blatant lies. Hector Pena has penned this letter to deceive the citizens and I encourage Hector or Lorrie McDonald to defend the statements that are in this publication. I will have the Texas Local Government Code and all other information of fact for everyone attending the events and pray that Mr. Pena and/or Lorrie McDonald will be there to defend their statements. I am in the process of scheduling these events now and would extend to all the candidates for City Council to join the discussion. I look forward to someone from the TAFYC group to have the courtesy of placing a call to me to accept this debating offer.
Mayor Jeffery R. Steele

Editor Publisher said...

Mayor Steele, thank you for bringing this to my attention. I have forwarded this to the aforementioned parties. As far as defending the contributed article, I hope that the gauntlet is taken up by the authors. For my own part, I would enjoy a debate but have no interest in responding to or defending someone else's allegations (I have enough of my own).

I strongly encourage ALL candidates to participate in a public forum if one is offered.

Mayor said...

I appreciate your comments though I think as a member of TAFYC , you should be part of the debate to defend the information that is being belched out of that organization. If you dont care to defend these accusations then why are you associated with them? You should be part of the discussion. I am not throwing down the gauntlet, i will dispel the putrid stench from the lies and inaccuracies that you and your group stand behind. This is not us v. them issue. This is an issue that responsible adults that have any integrity and values will prevail. I love Wilmer and am proud of our progress.

Editor Publisher said...

Mayor Steele, thank you for your comments. I will certainly give them all the consideration they are due.

When you've decided upon a debate forum, moderator, time and rules of discourse, and debate topics, please inform us all.

Why are you insinuating yourself into this election when you yourself are not engaged as a candidate? It is doubtful that any of the current candidates for office are actively seeking your support or "assistance" in their campaigns.