Thursday, March 17, 2011

City of Wilmer & Chicago Share Hiring Practices

On March 7, the Chicago Sun Times posted this story about the City's hiring practices The Watchdogs: City Hall hired 139 ex-cons in two years

The March 7 Washington Examiner posts this story about the District's proposed new hiring policies D.C. Council Wants city to hire ex-convicts. Readers may remember D.C. re-elected their convicted mayor after he served his sentence on cocaine charges.

Does it surprise you to know that the City of Wilmer engages in the same hiring practices as the City of Chicago? Criminal records searches reveal a number of Wilmer City employees with felony convictions, currently on active felony probation, fugitives from justice in other states, even a long standing employee was returned to prison on a felony parole violation.

Wilmer seems a bit more "progressive" than Chicago by going the extra mile and bailing out employees on probation who commit felonies on city time. 

Perhaps, like Chicago, our City's progressive hiring practices can be remedied in similar fashion.


Anonymous said...

You sure post alot of negative things in your blog. If you and the negative people would just leave this town it would be a better place. I wish you had the balls to ask one of the people you talk about in your posts face to face. The thing is you and your little group will get what is coming to you. I bet that you dont even believe in God. Look at some of the things that these so called felons have done to better your community. Then I project that you should look at what you have done, and the verdict is in you have done nothing but robbed the world of oxygen. You are a oxygen thief. I pray that one day you will confess your sins and find God. But once again God is not lost you are. The bible says that we will all bow before Jesus and confess that he is God. Have your fun now but if you do not confess you will split the doors of hell wide open. Remember that we all make mistakes. I am sure that you are not perfect. But you dont see people going around bringing you skeletons out of the closet.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Editor

One of those convicted felons are a Decorated American Veteran that fought for your freedom on foreign soil, that you could have your freedom of speech. Are you a veteran. Just wondering. But you are probably not considering some of the coward things that you write.

Editor Publisher said...

To the nameless faceless anonymous posters that cannot seem to formulate complete sentences or use consistent tenses: please go and get an education so that your incoherent ramblings are at least syntactically correct if not devoid of any useful content.

If you're wanting to quote the Bible, remember .....

Editor Publisher said...

Anonymous #2 - who would you be referring to? Last time somebody fought to preserve our freedom of speech was in the late 1700's.