Sunday, October 31, 2010

What I Heard at Thursday's Town Hall Meeting

Though I've vowed to publish only contributed content I feel compelled to share what I heard at the Town Hall Meeting.

REGARDLESS OF HOW YOU VOTE ON THE BOND ISSUE - the City intends to spend the money and complete the proposed project anyway. The Mayor stated unequivocally that regardless of the will of the voters, the water improvement project will proceed and that the funds must come from water customers.

The Mayor stated that the City of Wilmer was "For Sale".

The Mayor confirmed that he considers City Hall "His House".

The Mayor confirmed that he "wears a crown in this town".

The Mayor repeatedly stated that "he had faith" that TCEQ air quality measures would be enforced, that TX DOT would monitor and certify construction vehicle contamination to safe and appropriate levels and that NO additional measures or ordinances would be enacted by the city to ensure the safety of our children attending the school in such close proximity to the proposed cement batch plant for Whirlpool's construction.

The Mayor would confirm only that existing water/sewer pipes with "asbestos" would be replaced under the proposed water and sewer improvement plans.

The Mayor would not credit his sources for any material he referred to in his rhetoric, even though it was asked several times to show the cover of the report to which he kept referring.


Anonymous said...

I heard the Mayor saying how the bond would pay for replacing the infastructure in the city, yet the BWR papers do not support what he is saying. He also stated that it was a 5 phase project, when I first heard about the bond, I was told a 3 phase, anD yet again the BWR papers say a 4 phase. Which is correct Mr. Mayor?
In the Wilmer News I see that (3) says "additional improvements to the water system in future years" is stated...still not anything about replacing the infastructure. Why is this?

Anonymous said...

We also heard from the mayor about how it would be unlawful for the City to attempt to influence voting in tomorrow's bond election - yet today we receive another full color "Wilmer News" paid for with our tax dollars with a full page of rhetoric attempting to influence voters to vote for the bond proposal.

Editor Publisher said...

Mayor Steele's Rebuttal (via email) is presented below:

Good Morning Joe,
I was notified of the blog posting on your site. I navigated to read for myself what had been relayed to me. Although the bond election is a vehicle to pay for much needed improvements for our water and sewer improvements, it is not the only option as I stated in the town hall meeting. The other option is to pay for the improvements though water rates. I was making this point that acquiring the access point for DWU in a priority. I understand that you are not in agreement with me on this issue but I am shocked that you would spew such inaccuracies concerning my statements during the town hall meeting. I have up until this point had the utmost respect for you although we don't always agree. The gross exaggerations and misstatements that you proffer are unfair to say the least. I will move this city forward in the way that will make the city a better place to live, a better place to work, and a better place to do business in as opposed to the same stagnant, dilapidating, hamlet that in your words would be better off unincorporated. That idea states alot to where your thought processes are. Feel free to attack at will with your venomous pen but I would pray that you dont. I still have some respect for you although it is not a two way street.

Anonymous said...

Nice letter mayor, now, tell the truth about what you want to do with the money, and why you're raising the water rates. Let's not forget that your meter readers are at it again. Over priced water to run out what you consider the unwanted citizens of Wilmer. Are the unwanted ones those that take you to task? or merely the ones that makes less than your secretary? Isn't $1000 a week a bit much for a secretary?

Anonymous said...

$1000 a week is not a bit much if you will swallow. Now why are the citizens having to swallow this tax hike the Mayor is about to put the screws to them with?