Monday, November 1, 2010

Latest Flyer Outlines Bond Costs

Take Action For Your City has published another flyer detailing the costs to the public for the proposed bond issue in the November 2 election. Vote AGAINST Proposition 1.

Click Here to Read the Full Text of the Flyer Against Proposition 1.

The potential liability to the taxpayers appears to be $46 Million over the next 40 years. The City now collects about $2 million per year in property taxes and if this bond issue passes, Wilmer taxpayers can count on at least 50% MORE TAXES over the next 40 years just due to this bond issue.


Anonymous said...

This news is all rubbish. If the people who wrote all this trash would come forward and own up to what they are and work for the positive things this town and world wood be a better place. Contact all agencies you want to TCEQ, Texas Utility Commision, Agency on Aging, and Home for the Mental retarded and just think who is going to pay for it in the end. The Citizens. Not Take action for you City. When most of them dont even live in the city or pay bills. I am sure that this will not be published because the real truth will be told. Stop hiding behind the ink and come forward. You have had your oppurtunity several times at the council meetings but was a coward. How do you think you will do for citizens if you will not even put your John Hancock on your news letters.

Editor Publisher said...

Political Announcement Paid for By the 2011 Incumbent Reelection Committee.......

BTW nice touch on using "wood" for "would" and mixing up the verb tenses and the intentional mis-spellings - unless of course the author of this post is one of our lesser educated candidates - then by all means let us enjoy your elucidation sir.

Anonymous said...

Mr. publisher you can try to discredit this comment by focusing on the spelling but the message is clear. I am not a political representative for either party just telling the truth. If you and all citizens took a hard look at the truth you will find that you can not please everyone. But to speak lies and try to discredit any one is not doing the citizens any good. My main point is that if all parties involved were for the citizens they would try hard to work together instead of working against each other. The TAFYC is not the solution. This publication is printed by Hector Pena who will not take credit for it because of the legal problems he would have due to his slander and lies unless the true author is of course your self.

From the outside looking in.

Editor Publisher said...

I will confess and admit that the publications from Take Action For Your City were and are a group effort with over a dozen contributors and editors working in concert to bring about much needed positive change in our community. I guess some would state it's a shame you can't be a part of the community, looking in from the outside.

Of course looking in from the outside, it is obvious your outlook is all about appearances. If Wilmer (City of) appears as upcoming and successful, then surely success and prosperity must follow? Craps and Roulette junkies think the same thing about the next roll. Using public funds for personal priorities and pet projects is nothing but self aggrandizing ego boosting from and for those elected to serve the public. Unless of course you'd like to discuss graft and corruption in local government instead of merely the stupidity in spending Wilmer continues to exhibit.

As for the Citizens ultimately paying - you are right we are and have always been the ones to pay. It is after all our money, not the whimiscal financial sand pile where our elected officials and their lackeys continually play with their toys and pet projects at our expense.

What is it about incurring debt in today's economy that you do not seem to understand? What ethereal opportunities await the Citizens of Wilmer that compels them to fund completely fanciful and unnecessary development? What has been done with monies allocated and earmarked for critical infrastructure repairs - insurance from TML for the lift station and numerous other emergency repairs since 2006? Why is it necessary to purchase easements for water service of no benefit to the citizens of Wilmer or the larger regional infrastructure?

As for your comments regarding the authorship of this material - what really limits the credibility of your comments is that you've decided to criticize others for posting anonymously in print while you utilize the same tactics online. Talk about a hypocritical lack of integrity. Really.

Anonymous said...

If you do not remember the current administration came in and finally started to change things and update alot of the 30 year neglect.
I can assure you that any thing from your friend Crystal Birdwell was not spent wisely. An employee told me that while under Crystal and Tom Lauyer or was it tom Liar administration there was a time when most venders would not even consider selling anything to the city. While you may not agree with the administration now they are moving forward. I do not agree with them totally either but have seen significant changes for the better. Some of these slum lords dont like them because they are making them bring their rent houses up to code. Benefiting the citizens and bringing appearence to a higher level. I have seen your property and if you lived next to some of these other sub-standard properties you would also be very upset. Not only do these slum lords never fix anything, they charge them an arm and a leg while they sit back and laugh. Getting back on the funds, atleast they are spending the money on new things not repairing the same old stuff that breaks down everytime you turn around. I am on the outside looking in and you have to realize that my water and sewer bill is 3 times the amount of the same water wilmer receives. You have to also realize that the city of Dallas goes up on their bills about every six months. Has the city of wilmer went up on theirs? No, eventually they are going to have to increase and the citizens should expect it. Check out to see the rates Dallas charges and the rates wilmer charges. I do not like BWR either. But the cold hard truth is that the same group that your friends support are the same ones that ran the city in the ground and never did any improvements. I am not your enemy just another voice that looks at things a little different.