Saturday, May 9, 2009


It is official: "People Not Politics" sweeps the election - Second Street to remain open (The Party is as 420 Belt Line).

mayor Jeff Steele tramples soon-to-be-former-resident Tiny Lange in today's election. City Council candidates Bell, Dyess and Vandygriff all totaled more votes than Billy Wicklffe, Eugene Lowe and Dean Rolison. Matina Abney makes decent showing with 29 votes.

A new age dawns in Wilmer. We're guessing the announcement of new charter school coming to town laid the old timer's campaign to rest. Or maybe it was the venomous negative campaigning they chose to engage in.

Makes no difference: Wilmer seems to have a future after all.


Josh & Jen said...

Victory for Wilmer and not Gilmer.

Ralph said...

Mayor Jeff Steele and Council candidates Bell, Dyess and Vandygriff. Congatulations!!
Maybe Billy Wicklffe, Eugene Lowe and Dean Rolison will finally get the message, it is time to retire their political ambitions, thay really are not needed. Gerry and I have watched the going ons in Wilmer through the Wilmer Public Citizen and the Pegasus. Thank you Joe for allowing us this avenue. We are looking forward to seeing the growth of the community later this fall.
Ralph/Gerry Shotswell
Casa Verde en Punta Blanca, Roatan, Honduras

Admin said...

Joe, we are in total agreement. I cannot wait for Wilmer to welcome in a brand new start.

Whatever differences I may have had with citizens in Wilmer, those are no more.

I have got to invest in that town. It's simply too lucrative to waste. That inland port will turn that entire region around, provided we can keep county politicians' hands off it.

The first official act of that new council should be to get a new logo.

Someone PLEASE design a new logo for that town. ;)