Friday, May 8, 2009

guest Editorial: Enough is Enough

One of our readers felt strongly enough about the campaign materials being distributed all over town to speak out about it. As Editor of the WPC I couldn't agree more.

I have worked in this area for 20 years. I moved to the community about a year ago. I attend the city council meetings on the nights that I do not have to work. For the past couple of weeks I have received political mailings from both sides that are currently running for council/mayor. I am assuming that it is both sides because one side comes out and says who they are, what they support and what they would like to see happen for the city of Wilmer. The other mailings are not signed and do not say who they are unless you count the one that is signed by a fictional television cartoon character. They contain negative hatefull context. How anyone who lives and works in the community and who wants to LEAD in the community can mail out something that is so negative, hateful and vindictive is beyond me. What would they say/do about me or you if we did something that they disagree with. Do they really think that calling people names and digging up past behavior (whether true or not-because I do not know) is morally responsible? Do they really think saying/mailing such repulsive literature will persuade anyone to vote for their side? Joe poses some good questions on this site that every voter should ask those that are running. I know that in the past councils that there have been many of the same problems that the mailings are accusing the mayor of now. Some of the people running for council now have been on the council before when those problems happened. I do not really care what happened 30, 20, or 10 years ago. There have been many good things that have happened in the past 6 months that past councils have been trying to make happen for years and years. Do you want to stay in the past?

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Josh & Jen said...

Thanks for the comments guest editor. As a Wilmer citizen for a little more than a year now, i couldn't agree more.

I am glad that the campaign that is "people, not politics" won the campaign, and not the smear campaign from the other side.

Josh Armstrong