Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What Happened to the Wilmer Citizen?

Folks, we haven't been publishing much lately - not because there hasn't been plenty of news with an election looming - but staffing issues here at Wilmer Public Citizen. With a bit of luck and manpower dedicated to computer access, you can expect that we will ramp up our election news coverage. If you'd like to help, telephone or email any news tips and/or event annoucements you'd like to see published to Joe Aldrich at (214) 244-7689 or email to

As Editor/Publisher/Reporter of the Wilmer Public Citizen, it has been my honor to bring the local issues to the forefront of reporting and cover events here in Wilmer. From time to time there have been requests to "branch out" and report on Hutchins and Lancaster, but for a one-man show it's all I can handle just sticking to Wilmer.

Readers may remember that last September our reporting diminished due to health issues. During recovery, we suffered some canine health issues as well - which impeded the recovery process somewhat. In the near future, additional surgery is scheduled. So we apologize for our lack of coverage.

We hope to be able to put more time into the publication of this journal during the next recovery phase. Thank you for your continued readership - we WILL do better with your help ad input.

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