Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hudson Continues Influence at City Hall

With the resignation of "Former Mayor" Don Hudson on October 1, many residents expressed relief at his departure. Amid numerous reports of Hudson's regular and continued influence at City Hall, this reporter is now able to confirm these eyewitness reports.

Unfortunately, we have no indications to what extent Hudson continues to oversee the activities at City Hall. We have observed his concurrent presence with Councilwoman Tiny Lange. Our observations have been quite limited lately due to health related driving restrictions. But we have interviewed several residents who have observed Hudson at the City Hall several days per week throughout this month.

We'd like to ask our readers to report on continued sightings of our former mayor at City Hall - especially when other council members or developers are also at City Hall. Perhaps we can determine what interests this Ellis County resident still maintains in Wilmer City governance. Please call or email any sightings!

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Anonymous said...

This is true, he was seen yesterday at city hall, again.