Wednesday, October 22, 2008

UPDATE: Dallas County Land Use Plan

Dallas County Commissioners yesterday voted to discontinue their support for a comprehensive land use plan for the I45 corridor inland port. Commissioner John Wiley Price said the small cities of Wilmer and Hutchins trying to derail a regional planning effort is like the "tail wagging the dog." Mr. Price called it more of their "Jed Clampett routine," referring to a major character in The Beverly Hillbillies TV show. Our editorials are too little, too late here in the land of country bumpkins we call "bubbaville".
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WPC is pleased to publish the recently received guest editorial and we express our support for this position. The developments affecting our community and the surrounding areas are far too important to our quality of life to proceed without a coordinated plan.

Support For Participation in the Land Use Plan

We support participation in the Land Use Plan that Commissioner Price et al
support and for which the City was ask to provide $1000. The City cannot afford not to participate. A private Contract of Annexation will cripple the City's ability to pick and choose what is best for the area as a whole --- not what is best for the holder of the "Contract".

The Land Use plan that was presented by the Commissioner and NCTCOG gives the City a chance to approve, challenge, or expand on certain areas without being penalized or backed into a corner by the "Contract" party.

The Land Use Plan will provide for: Light Industry, Commercial, Office Parks, Retail Centers, Multi and Single Family Development along with amenities that will draw permanent residents into the area.

Is it really the $1000 required to participate that is preventing the City from adopting?

Or, are the rumors that are rampant not just rumors? Are decisions being made benefiting a few rather than the City as a whole. By "City", I mean all of
its Citizens inside the City Limits and in its ETJ not the "elected few along
with their friends and family."

Once again, if the reasons behind the decisions that are made in closed sessions, were clearly stated or explained in the open City Council Meeting before the vote, the rumors would go away. As long as there is secrecy or the perception of clandestine agreements made elsewhere besides City Hall, there will be rumors. The rumors need to stop so the City can benefit from the inevitable progress that is offered by the Comprehensive Land Use Plan that the County and NCTCOG are willing to fund with a little help from the City or the City runs the probability of being either deceived or mired in stagnation because of a private agreement.

And, if it is worth saying, it is worth signing.

Mary Phinney


Josh & Jen said...

It's ludicrous that the city will not work with the industry, offer the $1000 to build the economy of our "humble" town. Don't they know that the business will build and bring more money to the city and grow it in the long run?

With a failing economy, the only think this will do is help keep us further from that crisis, by bringing in more business, more homes, better stores, (better water), and happier lives in the long run.

I could see that this could make our area the next new move for people needing to be close to Dallas, but with nice living -- growing a wavering tax base, and increasing the value of our homes, making people want to move to our area of the metroplex.

Stubborn hearts and minds will continue to lead this small town away form real progress and development. it seems that development 'on their own terms' is not development at all.

The Associate Moderator said...

Extremely well put. You are very right.