Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sept 4. Meeting with Rep. Helen Giddings

We've received a fax stating that District 109 Representative "Hellen Giddings" will have a public meeting at the Wilmer Community Center from 5:30-7:00PM just prior to the City Council Meeting on September 4. Click here to view the fax announcement.

The event was verified by Rep. Giddings' office.Click Here to View the Announcement from Rep. Giddings Office.

RSVP is (not) required, but the number to call 972-224-6795 (by today) to give them an idea of how many folks will be there for FREE FOOD (hot dogs, sodas & chips).

The food service is sponsored by the City of Wilmer, the Allen Group and Frito/Lay.
We understand that Rep. Giddings' office arranged the support from Frito/Lay.

We also verified that Rep. Giddings' first name is "Helen" not "Hellen" as indicated on the fax. (ED Note: We thought this might be a hoax)


Mr. Taxpayer said...

Well, I see that the "Big 5" have made their locker room deals with the Allen Group. Nice. What a fitting legacy for this group of criminals.

The Allen Group is all about "your money/my benefit" and the "Big 5" Cheeseheads are following Tiny Lange (recipient of Allen Group campaign money that she probably did not report) into the spiders web. Get out your wallets folks, you are about to spend money you don't have because the Cheeseheads are spending it faster than they are making it, and with a half-million dollar screw-up debt staring them in the face and the State of Texas about to come in and catch it, guess what....you will pay.

Thank God for the cheeseheads!!!

By the way, Welcome Representative Giddings, it will be nice to see you again, even under these terms. Good luck with the Cheeseheads, we don't claim them! They embarass us too much.

Anonymous said...

We Green Bay Packer fans are offended that you would use our nickname and affiliate us with these yahoos!!!!!!!!

Editor Publisher said...

Rep. Giddings' office notified us there was no "agenda" for this meeting - she will hear your concerns.

If you think something isn't right in Wilmer, TELL HER.
Maybe she can get something going for the citizens here.