Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sept 4. City Council Agenda

There's definitely a change at City Hall... Click Here to View the Agenda.
Don't miss the Executive Sessions terminating City Secretary Crystol Birdwell and Reserve Officer Leake.

There's quite a change in the agenda this meeting, including the approval of minutes from the last meeting. This is the first time we've heard of any official minutes since this publication was founded. The unresolved expenses from the last meeting are also under consideration.

Old Business includes the tabled items from the last meeting: reallocating community development funds from the Adams Street Ball Park to "work already completed" on the Kissell and Cottonwood Valley Parks; and reviewing a storm water drainage easement south of Belt Line.

There are five items of new business: street set back easement for 716 Loyd Street, tax abatement for Duke Construction, annexation ordinance of 95+ acres for the Xebec development West of town off Belt Line, ZONING change for the Xebec development to "PD4" (whatever that is), and setting the new tax rate for 2008. (ED Note: setting the tax rate now makes no sense as the budget hasn't been reviewed and the new tax rate should reflect the new budget. Perhaps if the City had been timely with balanced budgets, timely audits, and no deficit - but not at this time)

The employee terminations listed as Executive Session items are somewhat confusing. Both are described as "to deliberate the termination of an employee", yet the action on Reserve Officer Wesley Leake refers to an appointment rather than a dismissal. (ED Note: This can't be a statutorily valid notice on the face of it. Have the employees received proper notice at this point?)

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The Eye in the Sky said...

How about that. Now you see him, now you don't, now you see him again. If Tiny could make up her mind if she is married to Eddie Leake or not, then I guess we would know if this Leake applicant is a nepotism issue or not. Prior to the election, you could not get either Eddie or Tiny to admit that they were anything but shacking up. Now, with all the hoopla la about Hudson's residency, and the fact that Tiny has no residence in Wilmer in her own name, she is miraculously married by her own admission. Married is married, and her admission made it so. Tough luck Tiny, divorce him if you don't want him anymore.

Sounds alot like Building Official (sick) Steve King's "Do I live in Wilmer or not" dilemma. He lives here when he needs a Well's cop to protect his ill-gotten domain, but he doesn't live in Wilmer when he wants to violate the fireworks/tall grass/trash and debris ordinances. Sela vi. Welcome to Wilmer. You can have your cake and eat it too, after all-these are only Wilmer public officials.