Sunday, September 7, 2008

Denton County Gets Tough on Illegal Voting

September 4, the Dallas Morning News ran a story from the Denton Record Chronicle about a couple charged with felony illegal voting. Click Here to View the Original Story.

WPC commends the grand jury in Denton County on taking action against persons voting in jurisdictions where they do not reside. Evidently, giving a false address when participating in an election is considered a crime in Denton County.

Here in Dallas County, the District Attorney's Office seems not to care about voting complaints. Out-of-county residents can both run for municipal office and vote in Dallas County without facing any legal action from the Dallas County District Attorney's Office.

Perhaps the Denton County justice system has more resources than Dallas County.

Perhaps Denton County is just more serious about maintaining the public trust when it comes to the legality of elections.

Or perhaps it's not important what gets on the ballot - only who gets to vote on it.

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