Saturday, September 6, 2008

City of Wilmer Press Release

Friday, September 5, 2008 the City of Wilmer issued a press release disclosing that no payments had been made to the Texas Municipal Retirement System for Wilmer City employees in this calendar year.
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Mayor Hudson said the error was discovered when a former city employee contacted the Interim City Secretary about paperwork that had been submitted to the former city secretary (immediately prior to her dismissal) because a city official's signature was required to forward the forms to TMRS. When contacted by the Interim City Secretary, TMRS disclosed that the last payment made into the retirement system from Wilmer occurred in December 2007.

Sources at City Hall indicated that approximately $81,000 was currently outstanding. As yet, no repayment plan had been determined due to most of the TMRS legal staff attending a conference. Total repayments may be significantly more than the $81,000 shortfall after computing interest charges on the cumulative balance.


Katie Smith said...

In case of any confusion, I did not contact TMRS for my refund. I called and left a message for Alice to call me. When she finally called, I told her that I had turned my paperwork in to Crystol right before she was dismissed, knowing that she had not had the opportunity to handle it yet, in hopes that Alice would submit it. It had to be signed by a City Official. So it must have been some other employee that "resigned" that contacted TMRS. Thanks.

Editor Publisher said...

Corrected and updated details of the incident.
Thanks for the update.

Just Asking said...

Ms. Smith, I don't think anyone is blaming you for having brought this mess to light. The CS may not have paid TMRS, but where was this council? Are they not just as culpable as she is? They are the ones who should know where the city stands financially ALWAYS. If they are not asking for bank balances each council meeting , then THEY are not doing their job...They are there to oversee the running of the city...this includes its financial condition. They may point the finger at CB but someone needs to point that finger right back at them. It is their duty to see that all of the cities bills are paid and not just a select few. ALL bills should be included in the detailed bill list they receive every other week. Oh well, blaming her is easier. They can't claim they didn't know, thats for sure..she did it back in 02 (even earlier than that)and they (HUDSON, LANGE, WICKLIFFE and LOWE) brought her back. Correct me if I am wrong, but even Leale and Dyess have yet to ask for a detailed bills list with bank balances. Who's leading this bunch of rodeo clowns anyway?
So as far as I see it each one of those council members owes the city about $6,500 and change each. They should cough it up or face charges.