Thursday, June 12, 2008


In a surprise visit to our location, Mayor Don Hudson arrived at approximately 11:00 this morning to announce his intention to have the City Attorney pursue a lawsuit against Wilmer Public Citizen for our June 11 article "Developer Hosts Party for City Employees & Politicos" Click Here to view the article

Mayor Don Hudson arrived at Wilmer Public Citizen today to announce his intention to sue this publisher for inaccuracies and erroneous facts in our reporting of the invitation-only party held by Xebec Realty Partners in Cottonwood Valley Nature Preserve and Park on Saturday. The mayor said his remarks were on the record and that he intended to eliminate our use of the word "Wilmer" in our reporting. He also said that he intended to press litigation every time the word Wilmer was used in our publication. City Attorney Bob Hager could not be reached for comment.

As he was leaving the premises, the mayor was asked directly if he had any interest in correcting or revising the allegedly erroneous material published previously. He stated that he would leave the matter of what the errors were up to the City Attorney to resolve. In short, the mayor does not seem to be interested in resolving reporting errors - only to press forward with litigation. Our implicit offer to correct or revise the reporting issues was rejected.

We anticipate some changes in the format of our publication, specifically we are in the process of establishing a "Legal Defense Fund" using Paypal and will furnish a link for donations to this fund. As our publication is syndicated by a number of online news services, we would hope that some assistance becomes available from other "defenders of the First Amendment".


Josh said...

Personally, I guess that I would have to see why the word "wilmer" would be terrible or wrong to use... It's not vindictive, hurtful, or even copyrighted for sole use of any means by any one person. -- It's the name of a city! A city only. To report the happenings of one city is not against the law in anyway.

More and more I intrigued by what is going on in this city -- for more reasons than one, other than that I live here.

I would hope there would be more a freedom of the press than to try and create a case that would prevent any news source form using something as simple as the name of a city.

Anonymous said...

This article gave me such a chuckle that it took awhile before I could finish reading it. It was only a matter of time before Hudson showed his true colors. LOL Why not ask the Ellis County Press what guidelines it follows? They will tell you that if the article has even a hint of truth and the rest is a lie, you can print it. It is not the ECP's job to figure out the truth it is up to the reader. So with that said, keep on reporting and don't worry about Hudson threats. LOL Remember, he only wants the GOOD things printed about him and he will stop at nothing to prevent anything negative about him (even if it's the truth)from being printed. You voted for him and now your stuck with him for the next 2 years. LOL Threats are the HUDSON WAY. Good luck

Editor Publisher said...

Note to Anonymous - We're on the record with our "No Endorsement" of Mayor Hudson and readily admit that he did not receive our vote in the last election - but thanks for the supportive comment!

Anonymous said...

Let's talk law suits Mayor Don (I can sue you but you better not sue me) Hudson. You hipocrit.

How many lawsuits have been filed against the City of Wilmer since the 2008 election (the time you obtained absolute power) and what are they for? In comparison, how many were filed in the past 5 years prior to the election when there was some oversight? Might be worth checking into Joe. After all, absolute power corrupts absolutely, does it not?