Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Developer Hosts Party for City Employees & Politicos

Xebec Realty Partners, the developer of over 90 acres West of Summers off Belt Line Road currently seeking annexation and zoning changes by the City of Wilmer, hosted an invitation only (i.e. "secret") party in Cottonwood Valley Nature Park for City Employees, Elected officials, Appointees and their families. Wilmer Public Citizen is investigating the details of this event using the Texas Public Information Act.

Xebec Realty Partners ( contact Ronny Guerrero, Partner via telephone at (972)836-8023 fax (972)836-8033 or email was unavailable to comment or return our telephone inquiries before press time. Xebec CEO Randy Kendrick was also unavailable to take our call, but his personal assistant indicated he was not iclined to give interviews to the press.

Our Public Information Request has so far revealed that all city employees, elected and appointed officers and their families were invited. We have obtained supplementary information that several members of the general public were invited that do not hold any position with the City. We are told that printed invitations had not been given to employees prior to the event and had been destroyed Monday.

According to sources with Dallas County, a city containing a county park acts as the manager for that facility and handles lease and rental arrangements for the facilities. The county provides park facilities for the public benefit - but does allow cities to lease the facilities for private parties. According to county rules, alcoholic beverages are not allowed at park facilities. The prohibition extends to private events unless the City provides on duty police to ensure the event is not opened to the general public.

According to our investigation, no such lease was prepared by the city nor were any funds or deposits required from Xebec Realty Partners to sponsor the event. At press time, the City of Wilmer had not made any lease/rental agreements or copies of financial transactions available for review.

Tuesday (June 10) all traces of the party had been removed from the grounds of the Forest Preserve and Park, with the exception that the gates to the facility were left open. County policy prohibits motorized vehicles of any kind within the gated nature facility, although clear tire tracks were observable inside the facility. According to sources Wednesday, Dallas County Sheriffs officers had the facility open seeking to capture two stray horses inside the facility.

A partial list of attendees includes Mayor Don Hudson, City Secretary Crystol Birdwell, Councilman Matt Leal, Councilwoman Marlena Hagen, Councilwoman Tiny Lange, and Councilman Eugene Lowe. We are attempting to determine from the Texas Secretary of State if a quorum of governing body officials at a city sponsored "lobbying' event constitutes a violation of the Texas Open Meetings Act. The Dallas County District Attorney's office refused to respond to our telephone inquiries regarding the potential ramifications (if any) for this type of influence pedaling.


tslauer said...

Wouldn't this indicate that the "thanks" for the Don Hudson "Absolute power corrupts absolutely" campaign team was funded and of course encouraged by the same people that are trying to bring in high taxes through water lines and industrial infrastructure that will not even serve the residents, and others that are bringing in the liquor and beer stores to populate Wilmer and intoxicate the children? Do the residents on east Beltline understand that the "Absolute power corrupts absolutely" team are about to allow the auto auction to come to their neighborhood? Good Luck Wilmer. You will need it. See them for what they really are now. Just my thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Absolute Power huh is that not what you wanted when you had your mother in law run for mayor Mr. Lauer. Absolute Power is all right as long as you have it right.

Anonymous said...

Dont go away mad just go away! Dude,(TSLauer)get a real life!

Anonymous said...

Excuse me sir where do you get the nerve to comment on anything that has to do with wilmer when you do not live here and as of recently do not work here. I think wilmer is finally moving up out of the hole you put it in. My advice for you is that you take yourself back to the town you live in because wilmer no longer needs your help. We no longer want to be pulled down with you. I agree with with that other person DUDE YOU REALLY NEED A LIFE THAT DOES NOT INVOLVE WILMER OR ANYTHING OR ANYONE IN WILMER

Anonymous said...

I trust that since this was a closed gate and by invitation only event, that there is a paid special event rent/lease on file and that a receipt for the proceeds is also on file and the proceeds from the event were assigned to the maintenance and upkeep fund for the park just as any proceeds for the Pecan Lease should be. AND, that there was a police officer on duty, especially if there was alcohol provided. Alcohol is not allowed in the park---read the big green sign at the entrance--- except in the case of a paid special event and a rent/lease on file and that a receipt for the proceeds was written and were duly assigned to the maintenance and upkeep fund for the park. Surely, if alcohol was present at the "special event", there was an on-duty police officer present. The Dallas County Trail and Preserve Administrator was asked to provide a copy of the Inter-Local Ageement to the City Hall after the Wilmer staff could not find the copy provided at the time the Preserve was purchased and maintenace assigned to the City. As I understand it she provided one to the Editor of this site as well.

Editor Publisher said...

Anonymous 8/12/08 said:
"I trust...."
Unfortunately, your trust (and all Wilmer residents) has been violated. No rent, no locked gate and the on duty police came by during their regular shift to eat.