Friday, May 23, 2014


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At 8am Friday May 23, this reporter witnessed former mayor A.H. Casarez being arrested for Class B misdemeanor theft by Wilmer Police Department at the Family Dollar Store after a short pursuit through town. The warrant for Casarez' arrest had been active since May 15, but he had not turned himself into Dallas County for booking, leading to his arrest on the outstanding warrant.

Casarez was released from the Wilmer PD shortly after 3PM Friday, May 23 after his attorney posted bond with Dallas County

WilmerCitizen's observers had noticed Casarez' vehicle parked at his mothers home at 411 N. Dallas Avenue just prior to 7am. The Wilmer PD was informed by phone at 6:58am that the fugitive was at his home. At 7:15am a WPD officer rolled by to inform the observer that Casarez couldn't be arrested at the present time, as the jail in Wilmer was completely full and there were no other officers on duty to take the prisoner to the county jail for booking until 8am when other officers started their shift. At 7:23am a call was placed to Dallas County Sheriff's Office Patrol Division regarding the location of the fugitive Casarez. The caller was told the matter would be referred to the county warrants division.

At 7:55am Casarez drove from his home with this reporter and Wilmer PD in pursuit, which proceeded down Dallas Avenue to First Street, then College south to Belt Line. Wilmer PD pulled Casarez over just short of the Family Dollar Store, where Casarez pulled into the parking lot. Within seconds Chief Kemp arrived and Casarez was allowed to drive his vehicle to the city parking lot with Chief Kemp escorting him while the other officer responded to a 911 disturbance call.

At 9:04am it was confirmed that Casarez was in custody at the Wilmer Police Station. By noon the fugitive Casarez had yet to be transported to county jail for booking and arraignment and remains in the Wilmer City Jail.


Anonymous said...

It is in your best interest to cease all harassment towards the former mayor, you are such a awful lying jerk that is making false statements and it will no longer be tolerated.

Editor Publisher said...

Dear Anonymous - please disclose which facts are in error, or in your own language which false statements are you referring to?

Anonymous said...

How about a small pursuit through town. Why do you have it out for someone that has done no wrong! He wants the best for that small town! All you people that have to much time on your hand and come up with stuff. How about growing up getting a real job move on from this!

Editor Publisher said...

Dallas Morning News picks up the story

Outgoing mayor of Wilmer arrested on misdemeanor theft charge

Anonymous said...

If Mr. Casarez had won reelection would he have stolen the sign?? I seriously doubt it. He broke the law plain and simple....theft is a crime. Wilmer Citizen Activist did not witness the crime he is only reporting the crime. Witness statements given too the police forced action from the police. The police department filed the charges not Wilmer Citizen Activist. Thru due process Mr. Casarez can pled his case.