Friday, March 7, 2014

Mayor's Vigilante Group "Wilmer Warriors" Criminal Tresspass Vandalism Property Damage

In a blatant attempt to garner votes with the residents of South Dallas Avenue, Mayor Casarez misused the color of his office to lead a vigilante group calling themselves the "Wilmer Warriors" down the path of criminal conduct on Saturday, March 1. Citing good intentions to clean up Wilmer, the group ignored "Private Property" signs and invaded the property at 218 S. Dallas Avenue with lawnmowers and chainsaws resulting in damage to the water line, an emergency call to Wilmer Water Department to shut off the water at the address, and a police report alleging criminal trespass, vandalism and property damage.

Only hours after declaring his unlawful candidacy for office, Mayor A. Hector Casarez took matters into his own hands to garner votes on South Dallas Avenue. Neighbors have complained about the property on South Dallas Avenue for some time - HOWEVER, the City has taken NO administrative action, issued NO notices or citations, NEVER contacted the owner or otherwise acknowledged that ANY actions were required to remedy the complaints.

Saturday morning March 1, Mayor Hector Casarez, Councilman Candy Madrigal and spouse led a group of concerned citizens calling themselves the "Wilmer Warriors" in a vigilante "clean-up" of the property. Other concerned citizens notified the property owner about the trespass, and the Wilmer Police Department was contacted by the owner regarding trespass and vandalism on the property. The Wilmer Water Department was called to shut off the water after the "Wilmer Warriors" somehow managed to break the private water line during their landscape "clean up".

The costs for these criminal acts are NOT the responsibility of the City and had BETTER NOT LAND ON THE CITIZENS AND TAXPAYERS OF WILMER! The Mayor could further misuse the color of his office to order the Water Department to fix the property owner's leak at taxpayer expense, thus compounding his legal problems. When the Mayor dispatched a City truck to the scene to cut the water off after damaging the private water line during the Criminal Trespass, a number of violations of the Penal Code Section 39 Abuse of Office may have occurred - including felony level Abuse of Official Capacity for dispatching city resources to shut off the water. The City has no liability to remedy any unlawful actions by office holders - IN FACT, any immunity enjoyed by public officials is waived when criminal acts are committed - especially under the color of their office.

Criminal trespass in this instance is likely a Class B misdemeanor, and under Texas law, conviction carries few consequences for office holders - unless the governing body should act to remove the Mayor and Ms. Madrigal. Hopefully, restitution for damages will be assessed against the vigilante group to compensate the property owner for expense to fix the broken water line.

UPDATE - Wilmercitizen has received information that Mayor Casarez may have attempted to commit two penal code violations, Section 36.05 Tampering With a Witness (State Jail Felony) and Section 36.06 Obstruction or Retaliation (3rd Degree Felony). During the incident, Casarez confronted eye witnesses and demanded that their recording devices be turned over to him. Video take of these offenses will be published when made available by these witnesses. At this point, any City action taken against the property owner following his criminal complaint might be considered "RETALIATION" since up until the point of reporting the crime, no action had been taken officially by the City.

Citizens may remember the 2012 Election Campaign incident involving Casarez and Madrigal in a similar unlawful use of public funds and trespass to "fix" a long standing draining project behind properties on Dewberry Street. Madrigal's landscape company was engaged to perform the work in violation of state nepotism law, without any discussion by the city council, approval of the contract or public disclosure. When work was stopped due to the crew trespassing on private property behind Dewberry Street, the citizens were still presented with a bill for several thousand dollars from Madrigal's landscape company which was approved for payment. Madrigal may have committed felony theft or misappropriation when she accepted the money for work which was not performed and returned nothing to the citizens. Felony complaints were filed at the time and the statute of limitations remain active - but like many complaints against Wilmer politicians over the years, the Wilmer PD never acted on or investigated the complaints.




Anonymous said...

Only thing I know about this town is that the police dept gave me a 250$ ticket while I was on my way to my first internship. It was my first speeding ticket and I'm a college student. The fine was 250$. How big is the police force in this town? What's the population of this town?

Anonymous said...

Me and my wife have lived in Wilmer for 7 years and instead of the citizens complaining about the high water bill, we need to find out what's in the water that's killing us. The water smells like sewage and bleach every day. I have called to file an investigation on the water dept with the north Texas water dept.

Editor Publisher said...

Anonymous 3/8/14 @ 1:13PM
The appropriate regulatory agency to contact is the Texas Commission on Environment Quality and can be reached at 817-588-5800.

Justice123 said...

I was pulled over by the Wilmer police and issued TICKET!!!! My wife took pictures of the streets and signs on Beltline because this officer had issued a ticket; when in fact I was out of the school zone when she accused me of speeding within the school zone limits. See this is the problem at hand the flashing school zone sign on the other side of Wilmer (left) was not even with the end of school zone sign on the right; approximately 100 feet or so from each other. So when the officer pulled me over she was in the school zone and I was not; she assumed I was speeding in the school zone sign because she was in the school zone. I went to court and told the presiding judge (name unknown) and showed pictures; the judge set another court date and stated she would have someone look into the school zone signs. The next day my wife told me the sign on the right side of the street was moved, so she took more pictures and also took pictures of the cut pole. A month or so later when I went back to court, the judge stated that there were no findings with the signs and I was still responsible for the ticket and the officer that issued the ticket was at court this time, they asked her 1 question and she lied in court even with the pictures they continued to say the signs were not moved and I was speeding in a school zone. The judge was one sided, the Wilmer police lied and the city workers were in on the scam/lie too. I asked the city of Wilmer worker if the sign had been moved he said yes he did it, went to his truck came back and said well I don't know who moved the sign go to the city of Wilmer building and ask for open records report. I proceeded to do so and I had to fill out a form and submit it to the City. I also requested the dash cam video from the police car. About a week later I received a letter from the Lead officer that the dash cam video was damaged and there were not records of the signs being moved from the time frame I had requested. I find the Wilmer police to be frivolous in their practices as a matter of fact the whole City of Wilmer is Frivolous. There is no telling how many tickets they gave when that sign was out of place. Please help me find the City of Wilmer crooked in their positions, get my money back, track all the tickets that were issued in this area and get some honest people in this city.