Friday, May 4, 2012

Public Hearing - Council Plans Not Our Business

After some scathing comments and a extensive community interest discussion, the business of the Public Hearing on next year's Community Development Block Grand program funds was quite revealing. The City Council's plans for the money is none of our (We the People's) business according to Mayor A.H. Casarez. The public hearing about the next year's Community Development Block Grant funds got off to a bit of a slow start because there was no introduction by the council on the scope of funds or any description about what projects could be funded. First the audience in general asked how much money we were talking about: answer $104,000. The next general question about what the funds could be used for was answered by Ms. Birdwell about what past grant funds had been used for. A couple of citizens had some suggestions to fix certain roads or sewer issues, but it was evident there wasn't to be any discussion or dialog between the citizens and the council on the relative merits or potential consideration of the suggestions brought forth. This reporter questioned the City Council: What projects, proposals or plans does the City Council have for these funds, what's already being considered? Mayor Casarez answered that the city council's intentions were "nothing we'd care to discuss at this time". Unbelievable. The taxpaying citizens aren't entitled to know what the elitist city council is already planning to do with our public money. The public hearing was a mockery - the only things the citizens were going to hear was each other's great ideas about the greater good to put these monies to work in our community. Mr. Turner tried to engage the council in some discussion of use of these funds, but was "shut down" by Pena who said the public hearing was for "hearing from the public" - Pena was totally against SHARING anything with the public and would not participate in any discussion. The incredible hubris and contempt for public opinion openly displayed for all the VOTERS to see is an embarrassment to the entire council and most certainly does not help "A.H." Casarez in his bid for the mayor's seat.


Anonymous said...

Scathing comments as referenced in the article. Actual text as read-------------------------------------
Mr. Mayor and Council Members,
I am Ellen Aldrich and I live at 746 N. Goode Rd. I am a nurse at Children's Medical Center of Dallas for the the last 14 years. It's no secret that my husband Joe of 17 years is running for Mayor. My husband may seem unapproachable by some, but if you knew him like I do you would know he is an ethical, smart man and if you asked him he would give you the shirt off his back.
I want to say that I have nothing against you Mr. Mayor. I think you are decent person with good intentions and want good for the city. My husband wants the city to operate according to the law and he wants the city to do good for the citizens. I have no reason to bad mouth you nor do I believe it is ethical. We can disagree on issues and have differences of opinions. That is what a free society is all about.
In this election we have talked to the citizens and have heard their concerns. This is the best thing that has come out of this election. I have met more of my neighbors who are good, honest, hardworking people. Many have lived here for a long time and have seen the city do wrong for a long time. We chose to move to Wilmer 7 years ago because of the reasonable home and land prices and to move to a smaller community where we could get to know our neighbors better. We have seen the incredible mismanagement of our city government in those 7 years for ourselves and have become weary of it.
There are many issues that the citizens want fixed. they believe that the city is not doing its due diligence to fix things such as the drainage and sewer issues for instance. The current council ran on 100% citizen input and 100% council accountability to fix the citizen problems. Well you have had a year. What have you done?
And for you Mr. Mayor and those running with you. I want you to be aware that the person who is running your campaign is spreading awful rumors about my husband. No lets be honest they are flat out lies. I won't dignify it by commenting on it, but he is an unethical liar who only cares about himself and not this city. I think you should be aware of who you are allying yourself with.
I also want to tell you that I was completely embarrassed by the conduct of certain people at the city council meeting two weeks ago. it was unprofessional and rude the way Mr. Dodd was treated. Remember you represent me, yourself, and everyone in this city. I expect you to treat people who come before you with respect and professionalism no matter how you feel about the issue they are bringing before you.
Thank you for your attention.

Editor Publisher said...

At the meeting, the candidate's response was...
"As a candidate I should probably offer a disclaimer, but in the interests of domestic tranquility, that's all I have to say about that."

We've never seen such a noticeable change in pigmentation among certain council members as when these "colorful" comments were being made.

Editor Publisher said...
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