Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mayor Steele's New Blog

Former Mayor Jeff Steele has a new blog at (Click Here)

Apparently former Mayor Steele believes the budget posted on the City's website isn't true and complete as passed and or filed with Dallas County.


Editor Publisher said...

I am glad someone has the time to speak up about the B.S. coming from City Hall and the City Council.

I have to applaud former Mayor Steele's efforts - he has managed with one or two emails to accomplish what I and others have failed to accomplish with mountains of email and many personal visits to speak at council meetings: Steele has gotten a response and an acknowledgement from the Council.

Right now he's about the only person in town that's gettin to exercise part of the "100% Citizen Input" promised by this council.

Just Watchin' said...

Despite Mayor Steele's faults, and we all have some, he really had the welfare of the city at heart. Too bad the good citizens of Wilmer fell for the new Council's line of BS and elected.

mayorsteele said...

You can be assured that the qualty of leadership is directly proportional to moral convictions.

I have evidence of the lying and deceptive misinformation produced by council member Pena against citizens of the city. It is obvious to a critical thinker that Pena is deceptive
person with little morals.

Anonymous said...

I thought Steele was out? Maybe I am wrong, but when you are out, you are out! Good riddens Steele. Glad to see that the informed public made a wise decision to elect to change the administration in Wilmer. It is about time. Every time the Hesters place a "strong candidate", you can bet that it is some sap that can't make his or her own decisions, and Aubrey takes the wheel. Steele, you were just the latest sap. There will be more, there always is. Mayor Hector: Thank you for bringing some semblence of order and decorum back to the City Hall! I saw a different side of you the last meeting the three of us had, you, me and a local business owner having Code issues. I was most impressed at your professionalism and open mindedness. Kudos Sir! The decision to bring back stability in City Hall in the form of Crystol was a wise decision. Glad to see it and the many more sure to come. A great era in Wilmer again. Happy Thanksgiving!