Monday, August 15, 2011

Aug 18 City Council Meeting - NO BUDGET!

Here it is the middle of August only 45 days before the end of the fiscal year and the Mayor hasn't submitted a budget workshop agenda. We are running out of time and this week's meeting is packed with rehash topics and single source contracts.
Click Here to View the Agenda Online

The proposed budget that comes out of the budget workshop for public inspection is required to be available (sit on the clerk's desk) for 30 continuous days before it can be acted upon. During that time, the budget is made available for public review and public hearings are scheduled so that there is plenty of time to review the budget and make appropriate public comments. Any revisions as a result of the public hearings should be made before the revised proposed budget is acted upon by the city council for approval or rejection or revision. The entire process has to be completed before the City makes its' annual tax levy as the tax revenues should be reflected in the budget's ad valorum tax income. Our current fiscal year ends September 30, when all of these tasks must be completed.

Other local governments have completed or scheduled budget workshops this week. The City of Seagoville completed their workshop on August 6 and have published the proposed budget for review online.
Combine's budget workshop was completed on August 12.
Ferris holds their budget workshop today August 15.
Lancaster concludes their budget workshop tomorrow August 16.
Greenville Texas is waiting until the 19th to hold their budget workshop.
The City of Hutchins scheduled budget meetings could not be determined online at press time.

We'll be looking for a Called Meeting before the first of September.


Editor Publisher said...


Dear Mayor Steele,

Please be reminded that the budget for the next fiscal year (2011-2012) must be available to the public for continuous 30 days before the Council acts on it, public hearings must be conducted and sufficient notice by publication is required all before the end of the current fiscal period. According to the Comptroller's Office "Budgeting Manual for Texas Cities 2010" the council should already have completed workshops and be acting on a proposed budget now to get it ready before the public inspection period and the scheduling of public hearings in September.

When do you plan on having a draft budget for council review and workshop before submitting the proposed budget on public review for 30 days before acting on it?
If the proposed budget doesn't meet with council approval, will there be sufficient time to schedule special meetings to complete the budget before the end of the fiscal period?

Yours truly,

Joe Aldrich

Anonymous said...

they voted down improvements to the Hester place last time

Anonymous said...

Joe, why don't you guys film these meetings?

It would be much easier...wouldn't it?

Joey G. Dauben
The Ellis County Observer
The Wilmer Weekly