Monday, August 30, 2010

The Chinese Connection

Thanks to a reader who pointed out these articles of interest regarding The Allen Group.

Two interesting quotes from the January 2010 article in the Dallas Morning News (click here):

"The bankruptcy filing also said Allen had held talks with Dallas city leaders and a Chinese company about the Asian firm's potential purchase of more than 1,000 acres in the logistics park. Court documents identify the company as China Supply and Logistics."

"At a recent Dallas Morning News roundtable, Mayor Tom Leppert alluded to a possible deal involving Chinese investors that he did not identify. "An investor from China may soon make a direct investment in real estate here," he said."

A later story published in May 2010 in the Dallas Business Journal (click here) indicated that:

"In addition to about 750,000 square feet in potential lease deals, The Allen Group is working on five land sales that range from 2 acres to 200 acres, Allen said. The buyers’ uses for the property include retail, a truck stop, distribution and an importer, he said."
[ED NOTE: Anybody notice the new QT going in at I45 @ Wintergreen]

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