Tuesday, January 19, 2010

City Meeting Agendas Tuesday & Thursday Nights

The Parks Board of the City of Wilmer will meet this evening at 7:00PM at the Wilomer Community Center. Please Click Here to View the Parks Board Agenda in a New Window.
The Wilmer City Council will meet Thursday January 21 at 7:30PM in the WIlmer COmmunity Center. Please Click Here to View the City Council Agenda In a New Window.

The Wilmer Parks Board will consider 2010 programs such as the Frisbee Golf Park, Pioneer Day and Lite the Tree Celebrations, Summer Children's Programs and a BBQ Cookoff.

The Wilmer City Council will consider a variety of items from acquisition of pressure valves, disposition of the council seat vacated by Tiny Lange and tax abatements for Whirlpool Corporation.

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David said...

It's time to stop the Steel ( ing ) of our rights as citizens of Wilmer. It's time to put an end to the lies and deceptions, the gestapo tactics of the mayor and city council. It's time to rise up and put those who would place chains around our necks out in the street where they belong. I care not for the color of their skin or their high handed ways. Deliver us from the tyranny of a city by Steel.