Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thursday Meetings Start at 6:30pm

The Wilmer Planning & Zoning Commission will meet Thursday night at 6:30pm at the Wilmer Community Center followed by the Wilmer City Council Meeting at 7:30PM.

Click here to view the P&Z Commission agenda in a new window.

Click here to view the first page of the City Council agenda in a new window.

Click here to view the second page of the City Coucil agenda in a new window.


Admin said...


Is there a way you could post the appointees that get put on P&Z on the blog?

Same goes for every city board/commission that's not an ad hoc committee.

It'd be nice to see who all gets appointed to what.


Editor Publisher said...

Joey - That's a great idea and we'll try to "get'r done" for the P&Z and the Economic Developmet Boards (A&B).
On Thursday, it was brought up that a new P&Z board ca be seated only after a regular (2 year term) mayor's election. The council voted to replace Stan Bell (elected to city council) and Bertha King (for not attending). P&Z Commission members are now:
Dennis Vandygriff
Victor Pena
Rolando Leal
Rodney Turner *new*
Casey Burgess *new*

Admin said...

Thanks, Joe.

I'm going to post this updated information, cite you, and then wait for the other boards/commissions you come across.

In local politics, these boards and commissions are the "farm system."



Editor Publisher said...

O the P&Z Commissionn it is Robert Turner not Rodney